Councillors unhappy with the functioning of CMC

Councillors unhappy with the functioning of CMC

The councillors expressed their dissatisfaction over the negligence of officials in executing the works and not taking action against violations, here, on Thursday, during the general meeting of the City Municipal Council (CMC).

Chinnaswamy and Narayana complained that the underground drainage (UGD) works were progressing in a snail’s pace and also was poor in quality.

“The public, as well as various agencies, are digging the roads indiscriminately. They do not even care to fill the trenches and pits after completing their works. Road users, especially children and elderly people, are affected badly,” they pointed out.

CMC Commissioner Vijay said, it was the responsibility of the executing agencies to dig pits scientifically for UGD works and restore the roads to their original form after completing the works.

Councillor Srikanth pointed out that the motor used at T Narsipur to lift water from River Kapila becomes non-functional frequently, affecting water supply to various localities in the city.

Councillor Syed Arif urged the commissioner to take steps to provide water to the affected areas in tankers.

The Commissioner said, the problem would be solved shortly as a new and efficient motor was being shipped from Pune.

Some councillors said, another cause for the residents of a few localities suffering due to non-availability of potable water is some hotels and restaurants having direct connection from the main pipeline that brings water to the city from River Kapila.

They urged the officials to detect such illegal connections and disconnect them.

Mobile towers

The meeting decided to impose either a monthly or annual tax on owners of sites, where mobile service providers have installed reception and transmission towers.

When the issue was raised, the commissioner informed that there were eight unauthorised towers apart from the 25 authorised towers under the CMC limits.

He said steps will be taken to impose a fine on both the service provider as well as the site owner.

President S Nanjundaswamy and Vice-President Waheeda Khanum were present.