Shocker for PU students awaiting answer scripts

Shocker for PU students awaiting answer scripts

Several students awaiting II PU revaluation of answer scripts were in for a shock when they received photocopies of their scripts back from the department with the note — “refused.”

In what the officials of the Department of Pre-University (DPUE) suspect to be a discrepancy from the “Dispatch Section,” some photocopies were posted back to students without breaking open the seal.

A PU lecturer from Udupi district narrated an instance in the case of two of this students.

“There was a delay in posting the answer script photocopies to students on part of the department. One of my students received her script on May 27. The post came with instructions asking the candidate to apply for revaluation within 48 hours after receipt of the photo copy. As proof for date of receipt, students have to send the postal stamp on the mail. Even though the student immediately posted it to the department, it was sent back to her saying that it was refused,” the lecturer explained.

Further, the student was also asked to deliver the photocopy in person to the department, if she wanted her script revalued.

The candidate Namitha (name changed), who hails from a small town near Udupi, said it was not feasible for her to travel to Bangalore for revaluation.

“I will not be able to travel to Bangalore and hence, my application is stuck.”

DPUE Deputy Director (Exams) N Narasimha Nayak assured that the discrepancy would be set right.

“There is no need for any student to come in person. Even if the candidate posts the photocopy now, it will be considered. However, only those applications delayed due to the delay on the part of the department will be considered,” he said.

He added that the revaluation process is likely to continue for another week .