Making a beeline for the seasonal sip

Making a beeline for the seasonal sip

Fruit bowl

Juice bars are a tradition in Bangalore and people love their daily dose of fresh juice. However, clean and hygienic juice bars are difficult to find in the City.

Squeeze Juice Bar, located on Church Street, is a popular haunt and offers a nice refreshing break. 

   Naveed Ahmed, the owner, says, “People in the working sector love their juices but clean, fresh and hygienic ones are difficult to find. That is how the idea of this place came to me. We kept in mind the popularity of juices and the hygiene factor and put it together to open this juice bar,” he says. 

Running the place for the past four years, Naveed says, “Our products are fresh as we buy fruits on a daily basis. Fruits that are not seasonal will not be on the menu as we do not preserve fruits. There is also no use of ice as it spoils the freshness of the juice. To make the milkshake and the juice cold, we keep the fruits or the milk in the fridge instead of adding a preservative.” 

For people who do not want sugar in their juices, the supplement that is normally added is honey. There is a lot of variety in juices. The ones the customers are most fascinated with are the ‘tangy orange’ that is made of orange and grape or mixed juices of pomegranate and sweet lime. They have milkshakes made of traditional and seasonal fruits and also thick shakes which are milkshakes mixed with different fruits. 

The most popular one this season is the mango shake which is mango, banana and cream milk. 

   The other unique combination they have is ‘Chik Go Wild’ which is chikoo, chocolate and cream milk or ‘Wild Strawberry’ smoothie that has strawberry banana yogurt and cream milk.

   “Apart from juices, they have a lot of sandwiches that are tasty. The sandwiches are priced reasonably. I had the Mexican grilled sandwich that is very tasty and left my mouth on fire,” says Madhura, a college student. 

The sandwiches are healthy and have a lot of vegetables. They usually use brown bread as it is healthier. They also have a wide variety of cut fruits that are also seasonal and a wide range of lassis and falooda. “Our speciality is parfaits.

 It has three layers of ice-cream along with cut fruits and nuts,” informs a member of the staff. “I had the parfaits as it was supposed to be full of ice-cream but it had more fruits than I would have preferred. But it was still good,” says Shamshia Tabassum, a student of Dayanand College of Engineering.