Resolution has to come from AP Assembly

Resolution has to come from AP Assembly

Resolution has to come from AP Assembly

Ministers, MPs and MLAs from Telangana at a meeting in Hyderabad on Monday. PTI

This was conveyed by the Finance Minister to a delegation of 17 MPs from coastal Andhra Pradesh and Rayalseema.

"He (Mukherjee) assured us that the resolution has to come from the state Assembly. Till then, there cannot be a discussion of the issue in the Lok Sabha," senior Andhra Pradesh Congress leader and MP, K S Rao told reporters after the meeting.

Rao said that they are expecting a "clarification" from the Centre on the statement of Home Minister P Chidambaram on the creation of a separate state last week.
"We will again be meeting the Finance Minister in the evening. We want a clarification as early as possible to prevent division among people of different regions in the state," Rao said.

The Congress leader said that they explained the situation prevailing in different parts of the state.

"We explained to him that the situation is very grave. Any delay is taking a decision would cause a mental divide in different areas. The earlier, the decision comes, the better it is," Rao said.

Party sources maintained that Mukherjee would be meeting Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to discuss the issue.