The promise of a bright tomorrow

The promise of a bright tomorrow

Fresh Entry

The promise of a bright tomorrow

It’s the start of yet another academic year! College students are busy drawing elaborate time-tables, listing schedules and pondering on how to balance work and play.

Every year promises different opportunities to youngsters as they look forward to the surmounting pressure, exciting fests, heavy workload and bigger challenges. 

Fresh faces will soon be masquerading around the campus after the long holiday. The enthusiastic youngsters are looking forward to getting back into the grind and starting the academic year afresh — all for different reasons. 

Apoorva Krishna, a student who has joined the Centre for Management Studies to pursue BBM, has just finished her orientation. “Today, we had only a presentation about college.
 They talked about the forthcoming year, assessments, internships, international visits and placements. I am more nervous about making friends than the course itself. All the subjects that I going to study now will be completely new because I am from a science background,” she says. 

When asked about how she expects it to be a different from her pre-university college, she says, “My previous college was book- oriented, where everybody focussed only on engineering but this will be a different experience.

I am expecting the college to support me in my extra-curricular activities because they are very student-friendly and organise a lot of inter and intra-collegiate events. I am particularly looking forward to the music internship that they are offering. I had a nice break in the US for a month, so I am all geared up now.” 

Sreejith Nair, a student who will be starting his first year in MA, Applied Economics, at Christ University, is also looking forward to starting college as he will also be working simultaneously. 

“It will be rigorous and challenging but this is what I chose. I will be working in a shift, so it will all come down to how I manage my time. I will only have the weekends off and I hope to utilise them judiciously. I wanted to study because I am passionate about economics.”

The students are anticipating the interesting events scheduled for the year. Priyanka Bhaduri is excited about the ‘Media Meet’ fest that will take place in her college. 

“This is one of the most awaited fests. This year, I will be helping the seniors organise the fest and next year, I will be directly involved in it. I do miss BA a lot but I am looking forward to this also as most of my friends are staying back.”