When less is more!

When less is more!

When less is more!

attitude Clothes speak a lot about the youngsters these days.

School students don't worry about what to wear to class each day because they have to wear uniforms.

Once they get into colleges however, they switch to clothes which suit their ‘personality’ and  set new fads among their peers, keeping in mind the dress codes of their colleges.

If they don’t want to repeat clothes or pester their parents to buy them more clothes, what’s the solution?

Mix and match what you already have in a creative way so that it looks new each time you wear it!

“We have a dress code in college and so we have to wear only salwars. There is a lot of scope to mix and match when it comes to ethnic wear. Even the change in a dupatta gives the whole dress a different look. I wear sober colours and pastel shades. I’m very conscious about repeating my clothes, so I try as much as I can to make them look different,” says Unnati Rao, an arts student from MES College.

Accessories play an important role in making the clothes look distinct. They can range from chains, bangles, rings, chappals, belts  hair clips, hair bands and bags.
“I’m crazy about footwear and have about 37 pairs. I wear the same jeans but match my tees and kurtas with my slippers. We don’t have a dress code in college, so I have a wider range of clothes to experiment with. Accessories make the same jeans and T-shirt look different,” says Yogita, who a science student from Mount Carmel College.

“We guys don’t have that much of a choice to play around with our clothes so if we want to make them look stylish and different then we have to depend on accessories.”

“Along with studying I also organise parties so it is important that my clothes look different. If I’m wearing casuals, then I team it with a skull cap, stole, wrist bands and also chains for a hip hop look,” says Suraj, a student of interior designing. “I wear only branded clothes and shoes. I’m also very particular about my hair. To my formal attire, I sometimes include a stole to make it look distinct,” he adds.

“I don’t have a problem repeating my clothes but  carry different bags.”
“Now-a-days bags are used as a style statement. I have at least 15 bags which are of different shapes, sizes and colours,” says Deepti, a PU student.