'We wanted to give more to the audience'

'We wanted to give more to the audience'


Struggle takes it own time, it has got its own attitude,” says Vishal who has experienced it all.

Starting from scratch in the industry as the second assistant director to assistant director, Vishal Pandya is ready to reap the benefits of his decade-long struggle. The 33-year-old director is hogging the limelight for directing a bold film ‘Hate Story 2’.

“After directing my first film Three: Love Lies Betrayal, which did not work well at the box office, I did not get work for five years. Things were not turning out to be positive for me.

It was the tough phase of my life as these five years were creating a negative impact on me.

The only thing I had was patience,” says Vishal, stoically admitting that almost everyone has to go through the same phase in the industry.

It was his bonding with Vikram Bhatt through films like Raaz 3: The Third Dimension and Ankahee as AD, Vishal got a chance to direct the sequel of erotic thriller Hate Story. He has worked as AD in films like Deewane Huye Paagal, Jurm, Elaan, Awara Paagal Deewana.

Promos clearly show the film has more steamy scenes than the first part. These scenes have already become the talk of the town, but Vishal clearly points out that he is does not believe in proving himself as a good director through popularity of bold scenes in the film.

“Three... was also based on relationship. Going by the script of the film there was no need for erotic scenes. However, Hate Story 2 is a thriller revolving around the female protagonist where such erotic scenes were required,” says Vishal. He, however, doesn’t deny that the film has more intense scenes than the first part.

“We wanted to give something more to the audience than what they have seen already, in terms of erotic scenes, thriller and action,” he remarks.

As a director, Vishal’s personal taste runs into thrillers and romantic films.

“I know audience too love such films. Thrillers become intriguing because different directors deal with the subject in their own style. They have their own way of writing the script and then putting up on the big screen,” says Vishal, who is personally
fond of Vikram Bhatt and Abbas Mastan.

“I love the exciting element in their scripts. It generates curiosity in every scene. The way they visualise and implement the scene on screen in brilliant.”