R'than Lokayukta seeks report on transgenders

R'than Lokayukta seeks report on transgenders

 In a first of its kind, Rajasthan Lokayukta has sought a detailed report on the status of transgenders in Rajasthan.

 The query came after Lokayukta S S Kothari took suo motu cognisance of unlawful activities of eunuchs and transgenders in the state. 

According to senior officials of the Lokayukta office, Kothari has taken cognisance of increasing reports about involvement of transgenders in extortion of money and other criminal activities. 

“There has been an increase in number of complaints about transgenders extorting money from people and their alleged involvement in other criminal activities. Due to inactiveness of state over such complaints, Lokayukta has prodded the Home Department into action after seeking a report on this unorganised community,” said an official. 

Recently, a group of transgenders was arrested for the murder of an autorickshaw driver in Jaipur. In another incident a week earlier, a few transgenders were arrested for disturbing peace in Ajmer. Later they alleged police of raping them. 

Kothari has asked the Home Department also to find out the number of eunuchs who are into the business of extorting people at public places and other such instances.

Sources said the Lokayukta has also instructed the Home Department to set up a helpline for people threatened by transgenders into paying money. Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Sunil Arora has also been asked to submit a report in two months on number of transgender groups, their areas of operation, assets, sources of wealth and steps taken to curb the menace.

However, the biggest problem for the cops is to identify fake transgenders.

According to police officials, more and more unemployed youth pose themselves as transgender and extort money from people on occasions like marriage and child birth. In many cases, both victims and genuine transgenders have filed complaint against this. 

Even the North Western Railway is facing a crisis due to eunuchs who board trains which operate during morning hours and extort from passengers. Railway officers said complaints have been filed with the GRP.

“A query has been raised from Lokayukta over the present status of transgenders. All SPs in the districts have been asked to submit the report within one month’s time,” said a senior police official. When asked about fake transgenders, he saidt the  problem does exist but it can be checked only if people cooperate, he added.