'Job scam' unearthed, cops arrest Nigerian couple

'Job scam' unearthed, cops arrest Nigerian couple

The Central Crime Branch police are said have arrested five persons in connection with a scam that involved luring people with job offers overseas.

The police said that the suspects are: Prince Johnson Chikere (39), his wife Jennie Vungneiniang Chikere (30), both from Nigeria and Chinemeze Bede Dike Joshua (26), Lalthanzo Rochang (31) and T Douthanglian Simte (21) from northeast of India.

The suspects are learnt to have duped a woman of Rs 11 lakh, promising her a job at a hospital in the United Kingdom.

In four bank accounts

She deposited the amount in four bank accounts as instructed by the suspects after she received an e-mail from them about a job overseas. The suspects had claimed that the money was required to meet some official expenses and to complete a few formalities, said the police.

There was no response from the suspects after she deposited the money.  She immediately lodged a complaint.

The IP address used by the suspects to send mails helped the police crack the case. The police are trying to find out if more people were duped in the same manner by the couple, said the police.

The Nigerian couple was staying in India illegally as their visas had expired, added the police.