No shrinking violet!

No shrinking violet!

If this girl says “I don’t subject myself to the norms of the world,” then one has to believe it because Gauhar Khan has proved the same to the world.

 Even after being criticised for taking a stand – be it on the personal or professional front – she stood by what she felt was right and emerged with flying colours. 

“Human race believes in giving their vishesh tippani. I was asked to not shift my base to Delhi for Zangoora (musical at Kingdom of Dreams) or do my first film with Ranbir Kapoor. 

Yet I made all the unconventional choices including Bigg Boss – which is the best thing that has happened to me,” says the model-turned-actor who is gung-ho about anything that “drives me on”.

The same was the reason why she accepted Khatron Ke Khiladi, even though the audiences didn’t appreciate her switching from one reality show to another. 

She feels that “People with strong opinion will always have people hating them,” and adds, “After BB, I wasn’t offered anything extraordinary. I completed films that were pending and then accepted KKK which was a completely different ball game. It was about facing your fears. While BB required mental strength, KKK wanted one to be physically fit.

I knew I wasn’t the bravest person out there. Infact, I thought I would be out in the first episode itself, but it just happened that I kept going from one stunt to another,” she shares about her KKK journey 

during a recent visit to the city to inaugurate Kesar’s Designer Sweets Corner.  “Even in this heat, it’s amazing to see almost a 1000 people turn up at the store from all parts of Delhi.

That too not for any rock concert but just to see me coming for a ribbon cutting,” she says, surprised at the overwhelming crowd that had gathered just to catch a glimpse of their favourite glam-doll as she tasted some Arabic sweets and found their taste “authentic”.

“I haven’t worked out since eight months but always maintain a balanced diet and don’t binge too much,” she says when asked about her secret to stay fit. 

“If I take calories one day th­­­­­­­­­e­­­­­n I balance it the next day. But I don’t deprive myself of anything!”

Looking forward to her film Fever’s release, an excited Gauhar says, “This is the first time that I will be in lead. I am hoping that the film will release soon.” 

Does she feel that success has come quite late to her? “I always had my goals clear in my mind. Since I did not belong to a filmy family, I knew I will never find anybody supporting me. So believed in myself. Der aaye durust aaye (Better late than never)!”

Ask her to describe her life and she philosophises drawing parallels: “My life has been like my favourite sweet, rasgulla, which is the most luxurious thing when filled with juice. The juice is my hard work that is drained out continuously while the gulla is my life – white, thick and sweet!”