Diagnosing AIDS through dental examination

Diagnosing AIDS through dental examination

 An exhibition organised by the Military Dental Centre of Bangalore, with the theme “Dental exhibition on oral cancer and AIDS in Dental health” - explained just this here on Tuesday. The exhibition was part of the Centre’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Col M C Sharma, commanding officer of Centre, said that when AIDS had certain oral manifestations like ulcers and bleeding gums that gave indications to the dentist, who in turn could immediately refer the patient to an ART centre.

Similar was the case with oral cancer and blood cancer that also gave out signs. “We are focussing mainly on disuse of tobacco. Out of the total number of cancer patients in the country, oral cancer constitutes 40 per cent," he said.

He also revealed that in comparison to other Armed forces, the Indian Army’s dental care delivery system was the best. “The oral hygiene amongst our jawans is good. We inspect the jawans at least once every year,” said Col Sharma.

Apart from this, a hand book - Compendium on Dental Health - compiled by Col Sharma was also unveiled. The book will be distributed amongst the jawans and their families across the southern division.