Today's letters

Today's letters

Choppers for VIPs
Sir, The Defence Ministry has finalised a deal for purchase of choppers worth Rs 3,600 crore for the use of VIPs. The so-called aam aadmi's government is always short of money for improving the conditions of poor people but does not mind spending several thousand crores of rupees for the comfort and security of the rich, influential and powerful people.
The 'aam aadmi' slogan during election time is meant only to hoodwink the aam admi and get his vote.

A Srikantaiah
N.R.Colony, Bangalore

Only for political gains

 This refers to 'Telangana on hold' (DH, Dec 15).Now, that the AP assembly has been indefinitely inactive, this may help Congress high command to bring down the tempers and vehemence against or in favour of Telangana.
 Sonia and her team have delayed the issue irrespective of TRS chief's fast and other agitations for Telengana and saved themselves from the present predicament..
In this regard, they should have followed Rajaji, who never gave in for Potti Sriramulu's fast. Once you give in for threats, considering short-term political gains, you will not only be entangling yourselves with much serious problems as being witnessed now but it can  also create animosity among the people, which may ultimately result in the disunity of the nation. Hope, our present day politicians give priority to the unity of the nation rather than their own political gains.

V S Ganeshan

 Curb illegal mining

 Mining don of Karnataka, Janardhan Reddy must have heaved a  sigh of relief when Andhra High Court provided him the much needed breather and the CBI investigation was  temporarily  put on hold. This is a victory for Janardhan Reddy and will definitely strengthen his stand as he had to face wrath from all political parties -especially Congress  and JD(s), Now these parties have no other option but to remain silent for a while. It is really interesting and surprising to note that illegal mining is quite rampant in parts of AP and is being systematically operated by Reddy Brothers, What ever may be the court ruling, it is purely temporary and centre must act tough to put an end to the dominance of these personalities.

Inamdar Ramachandra
1st 'N' Block, Rajajinagar

Wiping out corruption

Media reports state that those who have been caught for corrupt activities by the Lok Ayuktha have not been punished so far except for seizing the illegally obtained property and depositing the same in the courts by the Lok Ayukta,because the Lok Ayukta is not empowered to prosecute the guilty.

The Governor of Karnataka says that he is prepared to sign the papers to empower the Lok Ayuktha of prosecuting powers,and therefore the Govt. of Karnataka should take the  words of the Governor seriously and act accordingly and should make up its mind to make Karnataka as the model state in India in empowering the Lok Ayukta to wipe out corruption which is eating the economy of the state.

B S Raghavendra Rao,
Sterling Terraces,
BSK 3rd.Stage,

Thick skinned politicians

Obituary references were made in the Karnataka Assembly and the members of the House were expected to pay their respects to the departed souls. However,it was found that several members, including some senior members were chatting away with their colleagues showing scant respect to those who had passed away.

Politicians are considered to be thick skinned. Nothing ever affects them. They live happily when they are on top of the world and they also live happily when they are in the dumps. No amount of learning exposures at IIMs or even at Harvard University will change our politicians. Perhaps our shameless politicians only appreciate and understand 'Hayward'!!!! (Whisky).
Let our children not try to emulate the politicians of to-day, lest they lose their way in life.

Palmsprings Layout
Kanakapura Main Rd
Bangalore 560 062


Selfish ambitions

The mid night declaration by the Centre on creation of Telengana has opened a Pandora's box with many demands for new states. Though everyone states the reason as that of development, one can not rule out the selfish ambitions of few leaders behind these requests. Recently formed new smaller states have not shown any better governance and development. Instead we have seen instability, trading of elected MLAs and looting the resources. Formation of linguistic States was a blunder and we have seen the impact of the same. It is important now for the Centre to act and formulate parameters on scientific basis for creation of any new State and apply it uniformly to all requests. Violence and blackmailing by undertaking fast etc should not be the criteria for creation of a State.

Sri Mahaveer Gardenia,
32nd Cross road, Kumaraswamy layout.
Bangalore 560078.
Demand for new state politically motivated

Apropos news report '  Telangana on hold'  ' (DH.15/12/2009, National). . Considering the way the agitation for a 'united Andhra' shook the state, countering the TRS (Telangana Rashtriya Samiti) movement, reaching consensus  to carve out a separate Telangana may  not be possible. In fact the 'separatist' agitation led by Mr.KCR is politically motivated with a vested interest as that of late Dr. Chenna Reddy who spearheaded  the same in the 70s but gave-up altogether  when he was offered a ministerial berth!..Why Mr. KCR and his ilk had failed to develop Telangana while holding power at the Centre and in the state?. The cry that 'smaller states develop faster ' is  a  ruse and hoax.

In US there are 50 states but no one ever demanded to' split any state '   in 230 years. Nor did any one he or she ever assert that they belong to a particular state or region except identifying themselves as Americans. If the 'separatist demands' are encouraged , India will have 250 states facing déjà vu , status quo ante  a la  before  the  independence!. Hence the earlier the government passes a Central legislation stating that the present setup is final and no state will be split   on   regional or linguistic bases, the better.

 A.Seshagiri Rao
 Korattur, Chennai-8


Splitting Andhra

It is strange that the Central Government agreed for the splitting the State of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh itself was formed after carving out substantial portion of the then Madras presidency and other princely states. It is surprising that now the state is being bifurcated to derive political advantage.
 The Government and people should understand that development does not require formation of new states.  It can be done through proper vision and planning. If we had retained 500 and odd princely states as separate states, India would today have nearly 600 states.
 Creating a  new state or a new district has lot of fixed unremunerative costs.Here's a list:   A new Governor, a new Raj Bhavan, A new State Assembly Building, new quarters for ministers, new accommodation for the MLAs, a new Secretariat with paraphernalia, and new quarters, a  Chief Minister, a new Chief Secretary and plethora of Secretaries, a Director General and plethora of Additional Director Generals and Inspector Generals, High Court with its complementary buildings and quarters for Judges and other Staff….
If a small percentage of such huge money is diverted for the development of the
 under-developed region, the region will have substantial infrastructure We should appreciate the wisdom of the Constitution Makers who  formed the states by integration of princely states. The reorganization of states in 1956 should have been the last word regarding the states.Let saner elements see the reason that the increase in number of states only adds to the idle cost of the nation.
 Yadavagiri, Mysore-

 Constitute another State Reorganization Commission

'Justice delayed may be justice denied and yet paradoxically time is also the best healer.' The simple comment by the Home minister assuring the initiation of a process to address the demand for a separate Telangana was meant to diffuse the crisis born out of the blackmail tactics of TRS supremo. No one ever anticipated that the fall out would be the rekindling of hitherto dormant similar demands by several others. However, at least for the present, the issue has been kept on hold, which may be the best ploy under the circumstances ("Telangana on hold", Dec 15). The best way forward, in my opinion, is to constitute a second States Reorganisation Commission, preferably headed by Mr.Liberhan or one with similar attributes, to ensure indefinite procrastination and consequent loss of interest by all proponents of separate statehood.

 Resurrecting Higher Education

With the change of guards in the MHRD, the skeletons have started tumbling out -which apparently could only be the tip of the ice-bergs. Apparently cause of higher education has been badly mauled. In the present knowledge driven world only quality education would enable us to become a developed nation. Half-baked degrees or bogus parchments from fake universities would cause more harm than any good. Ills of professional education in our country need immediate corrective actions such as -

1. Common Syllabus: There is urgent need to evolve common syllabus throughout the country in healthcare, engineering & management at undergraduate levelThere can be common term-end examinations & well defined yardsticks for internal assessments. States and universities can be persuaded to accept common denominator in national interest.

2. Banning spurious degrees. Let there be no place for fake degrees or ones sold out by fixers in our system. Professional degrees must be earned through regular regimen only. You cannot produce medical doctors by distance mode or engineers without practical or lab training

 3. Equal to Degrees. Courses of professional institutions of great reputation meant for working people only are being offered all over the country to fresh students. MHRD must ensure that such courses are not misused.

 4. Profitable- Cocktails. It is quite common to bunch together university MBA with add on autonomous courses like public speaking or personality development sold at fanciful fees. Effective steps should  be taken to stop the loot.

Air Cmde Raghubir Singh(Retd)
 Prabhat Society


Why people die in police custody?

 The following could be the reasons for deaths of so-called accused while in police custody:
1.    The accused is under a fear that now he shall be given beating of third grade.
2.    The police actually beat the man to get information from him      
3.    Most of the accused are weak and ill because most of them are drug addicts.
4.    The police insult the accused and use abusive language against him.
5.     The accused is under fear of a long trial and subsequent jail terms.

  Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate,
  District Courts, Patiala-  147003

Unfortunate incident

        This is with respect to the news item ' Debarred student dies of cardiac arrest' ( DH Dec12 ). It is reported that a girl student died of heart failure due to the fact she was debarred from attending the exams. She was  one was one of the 30 students found to be indulging in mass copying by the  vigilence squad of the Gulbarga University  at an examination centre  who were debarred from appearing for exams.One would like to know how the invigilators allowed mass copying.If only they had been alert, they could have cautioned the examinees at the beginning itself and prevented the ignomy of debarring. Strict action should be taken against the invigilators so that such unfortunate incidents could be avoided.

T K Nagarajan,
R T Nagar,Bangalore 32


Quitting Time

        Your editorial "Time to quit" (DH, Dec. 15) is apt.   The Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court P.D. Dinakaran cannot do justice to his job with the impeachment move gaining momentum.   The adamant stand of Dinakaran to stick to his position can only defer his ouster for sometime.  But he is denying himself the chance of an honorable exit.   It would be farcical for a tainted person to work on the sacred duties of delivering judgment to the litigant public when he himself is under cloud. The matter should be taken to its logical end.  The law should take its own course and if he is found guilty of the charges framed against him, he deserves exemplary punishment.   If he is exonerated from the charges, he should be taken back with honour with all back-wages paid to him besides elevating him to the apex court.

 5th Main, N.R. Colony,

"For God's sake, go!"

Your fearless and forthright editorial opinion that it is time for Dinakaran to quit
(DH 15 Dec) reminded me of the following famous words of Oliver Cromwell:
"You have sat here too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us be done with you. In the name of God, go! For God's sake go!".
It was with these words that Leo Amery sealed the fate of the then Conservative Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in British Parliament on May 7, 1940. In the same manner the time has come for those among us who are concerned and worried about the majesty of the Indian judiciary to collectively ask the Chief Justice to resign and go immediately

501 Indira Residency
167 Hennur Road
Bangalore 560 043