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Last Updated 26 June 2014, 14:18 IST

Binge-watching has become a cultural phenomenon; it is the watching of  two to three episodes of a television show in one sitting.

Series are preferred over feature and short films because it allows deeper character development and multiple story arcs unlike a movie which tries to cram and deliver in a short span of time. 

Hollywood films are too caught up in 3D and special effects, whereas television shows still embrace great characters and storytelling. Dramas and successful shows are sold over 150 countries and adapted if necessary. Each episode of a TV show must be consistently interesting, which tests any script writer’s ability.

 A few series are adaptation of popular books and elaborate the stories with the script-writers own personal twist. So even if some have read the book, they are in for a surprise at the turn of events on screen. Unlike movies where time is a limited factor, series has the advantage of expressing its plot, twist and play with the plot. 

   Some popular shows like ‘Mad Men’, ‘Netflix’, ‘Game of Thrones’, and ‘ Homeland’ are watched and talked about the most. Most series offer surreal elements and ideal circumstances that affect the characters in the story which are prolonged over a 100 episodes. 

 Television shows have a lot of fresh talent and sometimes have the future mainstream actors. TV shows have grown in their quality. Unlike movies certain television shows revolve around matters that concern everyday life. Television shows that portray supernatural elements and concern young love gain more popularity like Vampire diaries and ‘Pretty Little Liars’.  

 “You form a bond with the characters. Unlike movies, one bad episode doesn’t affect the whole series. They are filled with suspense and keep you coming back for more. They bring the best quality of acting out of the actors. Fame isn’t monopolised by only one character. Everyone gets to relate with at least one character,” says Noel Fernandez from Kristu Jayanti College.

“It’s really fun to keep up with series, each episode has a new twist and If it is an adaptation of a previously read book I anticipate each episode to see how it turns out on screen the one I keep up with regularly is ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘The Good wife,’” says Vinutha Sachidanandam from PESIT.

“I watch shows based on two things , either I like the plot and I am curious about how the story turns out or I am a huge fan of the cast and would love to see them in the recurring  role,” says Prakruthi Ganesh from MS Ramaiah College of Engineering.The number of television shows are increasing, because of the number of young viewers getting into the habit of binge watching. Channels now air shows on a back to back pattern. 

 “I get hooked on to shows that I watch every single episode and sometimes I wait for months just for the next season to release, it does get a little disappointing when a show is pulled off air abruptly, but that’s just one show . I don’t think that shows that revolve around youngsters are the only ones that gain popularity but rather there exist shows that portray the corporate world that have become popular,” says Shalom Bhasker from Indian Academy College.

Television shows revolve around things that the audience can relate to. There are a lot of shows that are very informative and educational.  

 “I find movies to be produced only for sequel value and merchandise. Some movies have terrible sequels. I watch movies but I feel it’s more of a one-time thing and there is always something new in TV shows,” says Deborah George.

  “I think a three-hour movie gives us something to think about once we get out of the theatre, for sometime. TV series gives constant entertainment,” says Ehboklang Pyngrope.

(Published 26 June 2014, 14:18 IST)

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