It's a laugh riot

It's a laugh riot

Son of popular Kannada producer Shailendra Babu, actor Sumanth Shailendra has cinema is in his blood.

He literally grew up watching his father work and picked up the nuances of making a film when he was barely in his teens. That’s how well-versed the young Sandalwood star is with almost every aspect of film-making. 
In his latest venture ‘Tirupathi Express’, Sumanth appears in a colourful avatar. “I play the role of a boy who misses the train to Tirupathi and the story follows how he manages to reach his destination almost overnight. The story captures the many encounters he has en route. There are a lot of hilarious moments in the film and that’s why wearing these colourful costumes make sense,” he shares.Talking about why he chose to act in ‘Tirupathi Express’, Sumanth shares that he is a cheerful person in real life. 

“I don’t really need an excuse to make people laugh, whether in the company of my friends or family. I had a lot of people asking me to do a full-fledged comedy film. I thought I should try my hand at comedy as well,” he adds.  

Sumath thinks that there’s not too much effort involved in playing a romantic character. “But comedy is all about the right timing. If you get the timing wrong, you lose the plot. It pays to dip your fingers in every conceivable role and experiment with as many characters as possible,” he states. 

Sumanth and Kriti Kharbanda are being paired together for the first time in the film and Sumanth confesses that although he started off on a wrong note with Kriti, the two of them hit it off really well towards the end of the project. “Kriti and I had our own suggestions to making changes to the script. I wouldn’t really agree to her point of view and she would disagree with mine as well. We would have our own little fights,” he laughs. 

Sumanth has completed one project and has signed another.