2,500 cyclists pedal green message

2,500 cyclists pedal green message

Over 2500 enthusiastic cyclists participated in a cycle rally around Agara lake near HSR Layout to promote cycling, as a part of the Bangalore Cycle Day event organised by the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) on Sunday, in the City. 

Totally, over 4,000 people participated in the event that included many programmes related to cycling and outdoor games. 

Inaugurating the event organised by Bengaluru Coalition for Open Streets in association with DULT and various non-governmental organisations Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy called upon Bangaloreans to adopt the eco-friendly and healthy way of commuting by bicycles.

Reviving street games

Traditional street games like tug of war, street painting, gully  cricket, chess and carrom were organised for the families which participated in the programme.

Street games like badminton and  fitness workshops were also held on the occasion.

The campaign aims to involve government agencies with the public, to create a suitable environment for cyclists, through planning and development of better roads, cycle tracks and lanes, cycle rental schemes and city-wide cycle parking stands.