End conflict with benevolence

End conflict with benevolence

If we go through the history of the world, we may find that, inspite of good intentions and best of efforts made by individuals and institutions across the world, the improvement in quality of human life could not be achieved to a satisfactory level.

 One might wonder, as to what would be the reason behind this? If we make an objective analysis of the professions and institutions, as they are and as their aims and functions are,then it would lead us to the conclusion that even though they have the motive of service, there is an in-built element or mechanism in all of them that does not allow redemption of the society from the ailments and sufferings that afflict it.

We all know that anyone who is born, will die one day, but in practice, all of us want to live on and on, fulfilling our  own self-interests even if it means facing a hard competition and even if our motives and actions are detrimental to the interests of others or they are good, mixed intrinsically and inseparably with bad. Let us take an examples to visualise this more effectively and clearly... 

The profession of medical doctors is considered to be a noble profession meant to help people selflessly. However, doctors will thrive only if there are more patients. In other words, their very survival depends upon the proliferation of diseases and increase in the number of patients even though their intention is to serve the society by curing the patients.

Hospitals too, plan expansion of their services, by increasing number of departments, wards etc, anticipating that more and more people would fall sick. They, cannot work for the elimination of disease because that would mean the end of their own existence and also of their avowed aims and objects. 

Similarly, we all know that businessmen are inclined to adopt means that would enable them to make more profit. Likewise, an advocate depends on legal cases which arise from violation of law. The legal profession cannot root out crime nor resolve cases fast. Thus, every profession, in its dealings takes to such ways that its own interest is served better.

Its an universal truth that everyone has a vested interest that it can’t sacrifice at its own peril. Even those who think of and work for social well-being, keep uppermost in their mind the interests of their own group and wish and try to promote it more t.It is this selfishness or group-interest that does not permit the society to be free from conflicts and sufferings.

Unless we keep a selfless aim to work for the betterment of the society and educate people to have a vision for a better world, conflicts will remain. So,let us all take a strong resolve to bring an end to all conflicts by being selfless and benevolent towards humanity, because if we change,the world around us would change to be more co-operative.

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