Numero uno by design

Numero uno by design

Numero uno by design

Swetta Jumaani

The purple streak in her hair and the gravelly voice may unnerve you at first, but Swetta Jumaani chats you up like a long lost friend, putting you at ease instantly. She not only predicts your future through careful calculations involving numbers and letters, but can also find solutions to your problems — for a fee.

Swetta, who learnt the art of numerology from her father, late Bansilal M Jumaani, recollects that she was only nine years old when she was mesmerised by the magic of numbers. An eager student, she absorbed everything her father had to teach her. In 1989, she got married to an army man and travelled the length and breadth of the country, practising and studying numerology as a hobby. In 2003, she settled in Pune where she professionally plunged into the world of numbers.

Bollywood’s hot favourite
“Numerology is a result-oriented science,” says Swetta. “A film distributor and family friend, Farahad Nathani, used to test my father by giving him a film’s title a few days before the film’s release and asking him to predict the results. When he was convinced of dad’s abilities, he gave him the title of a Hrithik Roshan film. Dad added 2 extra ‘a’s to it, making it Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai and the rest is history,” she says with a chuckle.

A slew of Hindi films, including Koi Mil Gaya, Jodhaa Akbar and Sinngh is Kinng, owe their differently-spelt titles (and success) to her numerological calculations, and so do all of Ekta Kapoor’s television serials. Her client list includes several high profile cricketers. Several retail brands also come to her for advice when they plan product launches, but Swetta is quick to point out that “only five per cent” of her clients are famous people. “The rest are ordinary folk,” she insists.

Daddy’s girl
Having crested the success wave for many years now, Swetta never forgets to thank her father at every opportunity she gets. “My father and I were very close, and he was proud to see his children take the science of numerology forward. In our house, even though my father and brother Sanjay B Jumaani handled the business, I never felt sidelined because of my gender,” she says.

Numerology is hard work
In a sitting with a client, Swetta gathers personal information like name, date of birth, age etc. “An individual’s destiny is determined by the value of letters in his name. The numbers 1, 3, 5 and 6 are considered lucky. I suggest changes in the spelling of the name and the signature. I suggest colours, dates and precious stones to make a person’s vibrations positive,” she explains. She firmly believes that many challenges in life can be overcome with help from numerology.

“You need to match your signature and the combination of letters in your name to your sun sign and star sign. Many clients come to me with health problems. Dealing with health-related problems is tricky as it involves plenty of careful calculations,” she says.

Ask her what her long-term goal is and she says, “I hope there will soon be a day when every newborn is ‘Jumaanised’!” Her constantly ringing telephone and her growing list of clients may make her dream come true.