Garbage, now in a cage!

Garbage, now in a cage!

Garbage, now in a cage!

While the waste segregation in the City seems to have gone for a toss, a matter of great concern is the accumulation of trash around transformers and inside the fencing of the transformers.

This is a common sight across the City but the authorities say that they are working towards making the situation better.

Charles Clington, an event manager who works in Indiranagar, says that he has seen garbage tucked into the cage of the transformers and around it.

 “I’ve seen transformers in Ulsoor and Indiranagar, which have waste around them and inside the enclosure. In fact, one can even see them in sensitive areas, for instance hospitals like Sir CV Raman General Hospital in Indiranagar.

There is a transformer just outside the hospital and the residents of the area burn the garbage that is dumped near the transformer,” says Charles. He adds that this is a scary sight as fire from the burning garbage could spread to the transformer and vice-versa.

There needs to be more dustbins and an organised waste disposal system with the pourakarmikas efficiently clearing waste on the streets and on pavements.

Ankur Asthana, a young professional, says that during rains garbage can lead to diseases by being a breeding ground for mosquitoes and rodents. “With cups, food and other kinds of waste left around transformers, it becomes hard for the pourakarmikas to clean the area.

The stench becomes unbearable,” says Arjun. He adds that more dustbins need to be added in areas like MS Palya.

Residents lament that commercial areas like Mathikere, Mysore Road and even the Central Business District have trash around transformers. “Most of the transformers are on footpaths and when it rains, the plastic covers and fruit wastes flow out.

There are high chances of people slipping and falling. In an attempt to avoid the garbage, pedestrians often walk into the traffic risking their lives,” says Bhoomija Karthikayan, a resident of Kalasipalaya.

Even the BESCOM employees have a hard time working on transformers, which have garbage around them. “It is a risky affair, especially when there are sparks, loose wires and paper or cloth waste around them. Also, the stench makes the work harder,” says a site engineer with BESCOM.

M Lakshminarayana, Commissioner, BBMP, agrees that there are many transformers in the City which have waste around them.

He says that commercial spaces and apartment complexes should provide space for transformers so that they do not become an eyesore for the public.

“Also, the BESCOM is in the process of making better transformers which will not have fencing around them. This will also enable the pourakarmikas to clean the space well.

The area around the transformers should be properly cemented by BESCOM so that it doesn’t become a easy point for dumping waste,” he adds. He informs that transformers in the City will also be raised to 10 feet above the ground. This would help in avoiding unhealthy practices.

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