To be a gem of a person

To be a gem of a person

To be a gem of a person

The new trend of using bold and uncut natural stones in jewellery can easily perk up your outfits, avows Alpana Gujral 

Today the new mantra is to be colourful and bright. Vibrant gem stones are eye-catchy and spirit-lifting. From traditional red and green to new shades like orange, yellow, mint green, pink and the like, the colours and tones of gem stones are very interesting.

Though the stones have been in use since times immemorial and have always considered to be in vogue, the colours this season are refreshing. And they are sure to bring out the gem in every fashionista. 

The new trend of bold, natural stones in jewellery can easily perk up your wardrobe. Day or night, it’s a great way to accessorise your outfits. The most happening style is the use of raw gemstones.

This year’s spring colour palette was full of delicate pastels, as they are very easy on the eyes on a sunny and warm day. Coral and shades of orange were the go-to colours, in particular. Also, as pastel colours are somewhat neutral, they tend to suit almost everything.

But during monsoons, shades of red, blue, green and purple look great.

Colours to pick

* In vogue, this monsoon season, are the lovely yet unassuming aquamarine gemstones, in shades of placid blue. 

* Likewise, green-shaded serpentine, peridot and variscite, as well as turquoise gemstones are in. 

* Smoky quartz and the champagne diamond are perhaps the most elegant and sought-after gemstones this year, as are citrine and honey jade. 

* Royal blue colour, too, is hot, especially for fancy dinners and weddings; lapis lazuli and tanzanite offer the best royal blue shades.

* Chalcedony and iolite, coral, garnet and ruby, in particular, are great choices for a fancy get-together party. 

* Grey moonstone, sunstone and fire opal make for great accessories with flowy dresses worn for a day out. 

* If you want to flaunt the colour of the year 2014 - Radiant Orchid - alexandrite, amethyst and kunzite gem stones are your best options.

Taking care 

* Always store your gemstones separately to avoid scratches from harder gems. If possible, store each piece in a separate box.

* Make sure you store it out of direct sunlight because a lot of gemstones, like amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz and opals, can fade in sunlight. 

* If you need to wear perfume, put it on first and then put your jewellery on. Never spray even the slightest perfume on gemstones.

* Never use toothpaste or other abrasives to clean metal or stones. 

Gemstones and their significance

In India, gem stones are thought to have healing properties. They are also as much a status symbol, as big diamonds are in the western society. They are considered to bring good luck and health, and so, every gem stone has its own significance.

Blue sapphire: It brings mental peace and financial rewards to an afflicted person. It could even resolve major problems, bestow clarity of thought and freedom from depression and anxiety. It can even help deal with alcoholism.

Yellow sapphire: It is known to provide financial benefits to the wearer. It is said to attract fame, health and success.

Ruby: It has been known to bring peace and harmony, as well as enhance passion. Emerald: It is said to enhance intelligence and wisdom. The gem is also said to have healing properties.

Hessonite: It is said to neutralise the ill-effects of Rahu, remove fear and aid in spiritual growth.Diamond: It is said to enhance the name, fame and artistic qualities of the wearer.

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