Just another manic Monday!

Just another manic Monday!


Just another manic Monday!

TROUBLED START: On Mondays, the lethargic feeling is higher.

Monday, it is said, drives people crazy. Moreso, for most students and young professionals. A research reveals that Monday is the most depressing day for most people around the world. They feel reluctant to go to colleges or offices. After an enjoyable weekend, they are unwilling to be back on track. Their mindset is not prepared to start work.
Reema, an employee at a BPO, feels sad to go work on Mondays. “I spend the whole weekend with friends and family and we often go for picnics. The two days just pass away so soon. But the idea of the next weekend gives a kind of relief to me,” she says. “I feel the whole world is grumbling about Monday and unwilling to let go of a lovely, lazy Sunday”, she beams.

Nagakumar Upadhyaya, an engineering student in Electronics and Communication, feels bad to attend classes on Mondays.

“It’s not only on Mondays, but also on every day after a holiday. I spend my Sundays with friends and catch up on the movies. I sleep late in the night. The dreaded Monday actually starts on Sunday night itself,” he says.

“If we get continuous holiday for more than three days, I visit my native place which is far away. And the next day will be the worst day of my life,” he quips.
Though they are not  bored of their work, they are just reluctant to go to office. Nagachanda, a finance professional, says, “I wake up on Saturday morning savouring the freshness of the golden sunlight, enjoying the sun's rays filtering through my window. The first thought that pops into my mind will be “Thank God it's Saturday!" he exclaims. 

“When I enter the office on Monday morning, I have starting trouble. But once the work begins, I’m completely involve myself in projects and handling clients.”
But, Akash, an MBA student in RICM is not bothered about Mondays.  “In fact, I’m  happy to attend classes with a fresh mind, so that I can concentrate more on the lectures. I love morning classes.” However, these people do agree that Monday brings in a kind of normalcy. And life will just go on.