From the cradle to the grave

From the cradle to the grave

Everything in life moves according to some mysterious law of karma, according to some rule of nature. Sometimes even though you did nothing wrong, people become your enemies. Sometimes you have done something good, still they became your enemies.

At other times you have not done any special favour to someone, yet they have become your close friends. Sometimes, the best of friends become your worst enemies, and sometimes enemies become your close friends.

All this happens due to some strange karma. These are the ways of the world. Saint Meera Bai has rightly said, ‘Karm ki gati nyaari hai’ (The ways of karma are mysterious).

So, keep your friends and enemies aside and just move ahead in life. Do good work. For whatever time you are here on this planet, do some good deeds.

This is the prayer to have for yourself. Who has the time to think and worry how so-and-so is feeling or thinking, or how you are feeling? Let people feel the way they want to feel. Do not get entangled in all this. Let them do what they wish. You do what you are supposed to do. This does not mean that you stop caring about other people’s feelings, or hurt them.

No. From your side, do not hurt or bring misery to people around you. Just know that it is not in your hands to make someone happy or miserable. People experience happiness and sorrow by their own actions.
When you have love, devotion and a sense of surrender to the Divine, then where is the space left for any fear? When you have surrendered totally to the Divine, there can be no fear.

When your life is filled with love for everyone, there can be no fear. If there is unshakeable love for something, be it any object, aim, person or a greater cause, such as that of your country, then there is no place for fear.

When there is low tide in the ocean, the water recedes from the shore, and when there is high tide, there is so much water that comes to the shore. But this ebbing and flowing of tides does not change the quantity of water in ocean in any way. Love and fear both come in the mind and at times one feels lonely also.

But all these feelings come and go. There are always some ups and downs that one experiences in life. It is useless to sit and worry about all these things. It is wasting precious time. Today you will say, ‘I am feeling like this’, tomorrow you say, ‘I am feeling like that’. It’s ok to feel whatever you are

From the cradle to the grave, life goes on regardless of how one feels. Feelings come and go. Just bundle up all your feelings and put them aside. You should be happy and simply march ahead in life.