The world of noise

The world of noise

Though prolonged silences evoke eerie sensations, noise is the most despised truth too.

What air is to atmosphere, noise is to human existence. Just as a still environment can be stifling, a noise-less surrounding will most certainly only abet in life-less living. From dawn to dusk, the clamorous world percolates through our souls to awaken and invigorate our dormant spirits.

A prolonged period of quietness evokes eerie sensations. Discomfort and suspicion almost always lurk in places where silence largely looms. Yet paradoxically, noise is also the most despised of all human truths.

Talk to men and women about the perennial embarrassment they endure at their spouses’ boisterous voices and my theory will hold water. Interact with parents whose children naturally possess the shrill voice of trained opera singers and one can resonate with my proposition.

Spend a day next to colleagues with an uncanny ability to use their voice boxes to amplify their train of thoughts and my accusation would seem natural. Stay in close quarters to places which attract crowds (and thereby perpetual clamour), such as schools, colleges, places of worships, railway stations, bus depots, parks, play grounds and hospitals and my idea that noise is perhaps the least tolerated of all earthly realities would be justified.

Recently a friend of mine who was very excited at the prospect of buying his dream home confined to me with disappointment that the proposed deal fell through. Elaborating, he said sadly that the sprawling playground bang opposite the proposed house was a huge hindrance.

“Just imagine the noise that I have to put up with from the jay walkers, cricketers, footballers and sundry other sporting enthusiasts? No thanks, all I need is peace and quiet!” he sighed.

Deploring the rampant increase of stray dogs in her locality, my friend lately went out of her way to get the PETA to clear the area off these dogs. I commended her enthusiasm and complimented her for saving a few imminent dog-bites, to which she replied elatedly, “Who is worried about dog-bites? I have saved myself from the sleepless nights I was having with these ferocious dogs barking and howling in the dead of the night!”

True then, noise can disturb and infuriate an average man out of his wits. Teachers’ hankering to lecture to a quiet class is universal. Silent zones and sound proof areas command respect and reverence.

Man sooner or later is driven to that Ivory Tower from where he can turn off all noise and embrace tranquillity and a sense of enlightenment. Thomas Edison was once asked to express his feelings on being impaired in hearing. His reply, without a hint of hesitation, was that he had missed nothing from the constant cacophony around him!