Where tradition and trend meets

Where tradition and trend meets

Where tradition and trend meets

What’s a dream of love if it isn’t painted with passion? And what’s a wedding if it isn’t resplendent with the exquisitely exuberant creations from Kalanjali?

When the fiery vermillion blends with the majestic lustre of ‘zari’, it ought to add on to the aura of the auspicious occasion.

And this delicately woven peace of brocade, from Kalanjali is a testimony to that. Here, tradition and trend have been brought to an elegant union by the master craftsmen of Kalanjali. The border and the ‘pallu’, woven with the time honoured touch of the Banarasi ‘Gatti’ technique lend the saree a refined grace.

It further enhances the opulent beauty of the rich paisley motifs filigreed on the body. The outline, in contrast, has a matte shaded look to complement the bashful blushes of the coy bride.

The saree has been exclusively designed keeping today’s brides in mind.
The soft feel of the texture will enwrap her with love and enhance her beauty with an effortless elegance. Draped in the best of art, she will amaze the gathering with her irresistible beauty.

Only a creation of unmatched perfection can adorn the gorgeous shape of a bride and Kalanjali makes it certain that the creations are flawless.

Shy or shining with the sheen of love, coy or confident about the journey ahead,
demure or dazzling with dreams of future, the vast wedding collection from Kalanjali has something to offer to every bride, on her special day.

Something woven with adoration to celebrate the eternal bond of love.