Maudany tells SC he was not allowed to enter mosque for Eid

Maudany tells SC he was not allowed to enter mosque for Eid

Maudany tells SC he was not allowed to enter mosque for Eid

Out on bail, Abdul Nazir Maudany, prime accused in 2008 Bangalore serial bomb blast case, today told the Supreme Court that "foolproof security" prevented him from offering his Eid prayers in a mosque while Karnataka Police said allowing him to enter the place of worship would have left him unguarded.

Maudany, who was granted bail for a month on July 11 on health ground, filed an affidavit saying he had sought the Bangalore police's permission to participate in Eid prayers on July 29 in any of the Masjids in Bangalore.

However, the police advised him not to go, he said. Karnataka Police, defending its decision, told the apex court of the reasons, which included maintenance of public safety, for asking Maudany to keep away from offering prayers in the Masjid.

"If the accused is permitted to take part in the Eid prayers, the police cannot enter the Masjid in which he seeks to offer prayer. As he is facing serious cases, such as the Bangalore city bomb blasts cases, it is not advisable to permit the accused to take part in the Eid prayers at Shivajinagar Park, Cantonment area, Bangalore city," a communication by the state government, said.

"It was in the interest of public safety, safety of the accused as well as to maintain the law and order of the Bangalore city," it said.

Maudany, who is suffering from various ailments, was granted bail with a direction not to leave Bangalore.

The court had said Karnataka government is at liberty to take all steps to ensure that he does not get in touch with witnesses in the case, including putting him under surveillance.

Maudany was behind the bars for the last four years and is suffering from diabetes and vision-threatening ailment in both eyes.

The apex court had earlier denied the bail plea of Maudany and had directed Karnataka government to provide medical treatment to him.