Govt has powers to reject KPSC list: Minister

Govt has powers to reject KPSC list: Minister

Govt has powers to reject KPSC list: Minister

Law Minister T B Jayachandra on Tuesday strongly defended the State government’s recent decision to withdraw the 2011 notification on the appointment of gazetted probationary posts and refuted the JD(S)’ allegation that the government had overstepped its authority.

Speaking to reporters, he said the government had powers to reject the selection process as per the Karnataka Recruitment of Gazetted Probationers (Appointment by Competative Examinations) Rules 1977. Rule 12 clearly states that selection by the KPSC does not mean appointment has to be done. “The KPSC is only a recruiting agency. The government has all the powers to reject the list prepared by it and order a probe,” he added.

HDK spearheading

JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy, who had been spearheading the cause of those protesting the government’s decision on the KPSC, has claimed that only either the State Legislature or Parliament has the right to take the decision on annulling the selection process, as the KPSC is a constitutional body.

“There was sufficient material before the government to believe that the entire selection process was faulty. Appointments were done purely on the basis of money and caste considerations. As a responsible government, we cannot sit silent. It is not proper for a person who was the chief minister, and Prime Minister to politicise the issue,” Jayachandra stated without naming H D Deve Gowda of the JD(S). The government had asked the KPSC to conduct re-evaluation and re-interview in the wake of allegations.

Commission refuses

But the Commission refused to do it. Had the KPSC gone by the government’s advice, the present situation would not have arisen. So, the decision to withdraw the notification was taken in order to save the KPSC, he added.

Asked about the injustice meted out to the meritorious and honest aspirants, the minister said it was extremely difficult to sift through honest and dishonest candidates.
About 1,070 aspirants of the total 1,083 selected for the interview had secured almost identical marks.

This itself shows the magnitude of the scam, he pointed out.

On the JD(S)’ allegation that the CID has not conducted a fair investigation into the issue, he said the integrity of the investigating agency cannot be questioned.

He said the issue was before the Karnataka High Court and the Judiciary can deliver any judgement.

The government will soon issue a notification on its decision, he added.
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