Secret Punch tipped to win

Bangalore card

Secret Punch, to be ridden by I Chisty and trained by F Sirajuddin, is poised to land home the riches in the Krishnaraja Wadiyar Trophy over 1200 metres, the feature event on the final day of the Bangalore summer meeting on Thursday.

False rails, average width of 2 metres, will be in place from 1000 metres to 500 metres.1. the good-bye stakes (Div II) (rated 20-45) 1200M, 1.00 pm1. Bold Nature (Babu Rao)62Prasad M92. Woodstream (S Narredu)59G Adarsh43. Amigos (F Arshad)57.5Christopher24. Vigorous (A Ali)56.5BL Paswan55. Conquistador (A Mangalorkar)55.5S John106. Super Saloni (S Kumar)55.5A Khan117. Shoot Out (V Lokanath)54.5B Nayak68. Jewel Lady (W Singh)53.5Y Narredu129. Jeyem’s Pride (B Puttanna)53.5TS Jodha310. Balas Dream (B Prithviraj)53Kiran Rai811. Inspirator (Inayathulla)52.5Vivek112. Markus Sittikus (N Gowda)51Harish B7Conquistador 1; Shoot Out 2; Vigorous 3.2. the littleover stakes (Div II) (rated 20-45) 1400M, 1.30 pm1. Secret Launch (B Prithviraj) 60VR Jagadeesh32. Tuscano (Faraz Arshad)60A Qureshi103. Above And Beyond (G Sandhu)59M Noornabi74. Ocean Park (JS Dhariwal)59Md Shoaib115. Secret Dimension  (V Lokanath)59R Babu86. Youre Gorgeous (B Rao)59Harish B27. Dancing Laurie (B Puttanna)58.5A Kumar68. Noble Princess (RV Manohar)58.5A Alam49. Southern Fantasy (S Ganapathy)58.5Christopher510. Viento Plata (N Gowda)58G Adarsh911. Prince Of Kintyre (V Lokanath)57.5B Nayak1 Southern Fantasy 1; Secret Launch 2; Secret Dimension 3.3. the malenahalli Stakes (rated 0-25) 1600M, 2.00 pm  1. Shining Bay (R Narredu)62.5V Shinde102. Turf Tactics (H Khan)62.5PS Chouhan23. Oriental King (S Kumar)62R Kumar34. Fortaleza (S Ganapathy)61.5Christopher55. Western Lady (V Lokanath)61.5R Babu116. Mehek (S Kumar)60Withdrawn--7. Reformer (JS Pillay)59.5SK Paswan78. She Loves It (V Lokanath)59.5G Adarsh49. Suezy Oh (V Lokanath)59.5I Chisty910. Distinctive (JS Pillay)57.5B Nayak811. Mister Grey (Md Khan)52.5VR Jagadeesh112. Aj One (SS Attaollahi)52R Marshall6Fortaleza 1; Turf Tactics 2; Suezy Oh 3.4. the sir bruce stakes (rated 40-65) 1400M, 2.30 pm1. Authentic (R Narredu)60Y Narredu82. Nimfea (D Byramji)60PS Chouhan53. Wind Tunnel (R Narredu)59.5BL Paswan74. Medinah (A Mangalorkar)59S John15. Eternal Desire (B Prithviraj)57.5Gnaneshwar66. Vistabella (G Sandhu)57.5VR Jagadeesh37. Capitalize (V Lokanath)56.5G Adarsh48. Apollo Star (S Singh)55.5A Kumar2Medinah 1; Authentic 2; Nimfea 3.5. the royal command stakes (rated 40 to 65) 1600M, 3.00 pm1. Absolute Red (F Arshad)60D Williams52. Prom Queen (N Gowda)60Kiran Rai43. Stimulate (A Mangalorkar)59S John14. Veyron (B Prithviraj)58.5Gnaneshwar75. My Lakshmi (S Padmanabhan)58A Sandesh86. Artic Attraction (RR Byramji)57.5PS Chouhan67. Saltoftheearth (V Lokanath)57.5B Nayak38. Deep Blue Sea (R Narredu)54.5Y Narredu2Artic Attraction 1; My Lakshmi 2; Stimulate 3.6. the esquire cup 1200M, 3.30 pm1. Big Ben (B Puttanna)56TS Jodha12. Del Santo (H Khan)56S John123. Sands Of Time (S Narredu)56Vinod S54. Scent of Success (S Kumar)56M Kumar75. Admired (JS Dhariwal)54.5R Marshall106. Angela (N Darashah)54.5A Alam87. Awesome Star (S Britto)54.5A Kumar48. Criquette (JS Dhariwal)54.5Vivek69. Equine Love (S Padmanabhan)54.5A Sandesh310. Flame Of Passion (V Lokanath)54.5I Chisty211. Smart Connections (A Ganapathy)54.5Christopher912. There She Goes (M Narredu)54.5G Adarsh11Flame Of Passion 1; Equine Love 2; Del Santo 3.7. krishnaraja wadiyar trophy (rated 80 and above) 1200M, 4.00 pm1. Light Of Success (A Ganapathy)60Christopher42. Ishpingo (B Puttanna)59TS Jodha23. Secret Punch (F Sirajuddin)57.5I Chisty14. Chul Bul Pandy (A Ali)56.5PS Chouhan55. Arta (SS Attaollahi)55Y Narredu76. Cape Ferrat (A Mangalorkar)55S John97. Noble And Nice (H Khan)53.5A Alam108. Talisker (V Lokanath)53.5Kiran Rai69. Treasure Mountain (G Nityanand)52.5A Sandesh310. Virat (N Gowda)52.5Harish B8Secret Punch 1; Light Of Success 2; Ishpingo 3.8. The Allaire Stakes (rated 60 and above) 1400M, 4.30 pm1. Frenemee (B Rao)60Kiran Rai72. Icelander (S Narredu)60M Noornabi23. Supreme Regime (A Ganapathy)59.5Christopher114. Atlas Power (S Kumar)58A Khan15. Madame Bovary56I Singh46. Shivalik Fire 56S John67. Ice Cutter (S Narredu)55V Shinde88. Evraz (D Byramji)54.5I Chisty59. Samara Sun (JS Dhariwal)53.5TS Jodha910. Castle Stuart (A Mangalorkar)52Vivek311. Magnitude Star (S Kumar)52A Alam1212. Summer Sun (A Caddy)51.5Y Narredu 10
Evraz 1; Frenemee 2; Summer Sun 3.9. The littleover Stakes (Div I) (rated 20 to 45) 1400M, 5.00 pm1. Regal Boast (S Padmanabhan)60A Sandesh72. James Bond (S Inayathulla)59PS Chouhan83. King Of Heroes (S Singh)59M Nazar14. Spreadeagle (A Mangalorkar)58.5S John95. Ghalib (M narredu)57BL Paswan 66. Brownie (V Lokanath)56R Marshall27. Green Emerald (S Kumar)54.5S Mallikarjun 48. Zeeshan (D Byramji)54.5I Singh39. Cherry Hinton (JS Dhariwal)53.5Y Narredu1010. Trak On Fire (S Komandur)53.5A Alam511. Arun (B Rao)53Harish B11
James Bond 1; Spreadeagle 2; Regal Boast 3.10. The goodbye Stakes (Div I) (rated 20 to 45) 1200M, 5.30 pm1. Magic Wave (B Rao)62.5PS Chouhan72. Resurgent (F Arshad)62.5A Alam43. Red Bolt (RR Byramji)61S Kumar54. Starstruck (S Kumar)61Christopher115. Truman (M Khan)60.5M Noornabi36. Fioroloco (A Ali)59.5A Qureshi87. Game Dancer (W Singh)59.5A Kumar28. Woodberg (S Narredu)59.5Y Narredu99. Cannes (R  Narredu)58.5V Shinde610. Rock N Rolla (A Caddy)57A Ramu1011. Arziki (V Lokanath)54.5B Nayak1212. Thunder (N GOwda)50G Adarsh1
Rock N Rolla 1; Starstruck 2; Woodberg 3.
Day’s best: Southern Fantasy.  Double: Fortaleza and Rock N Rolla..Jackpot:  6, 7, 8, 9, 10. I Treble: 2, 3, 4. II Treble: 5, 6, 7; III Treble: 8, 9, 10.

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