Their eyes are on style

Their eyes are on style


Gone are the days when glasses were considered uncool. Now, they aren’t only meant for nerds. 

They have become a style statement and the frames available in stores are bold, colourful and stylish. These are not meant only for those with a poor vision but even those who want to look stylish. People of all age groups can choose from a variety of trendy frames.

Glasses not only help you see better but also look fashionable. “Though my vision is perfect, I love sporting glasses as I love my look in them,” says Poonam, a professional. Half-rim, rimless and full-rim frames are available to suit one’s look. You can go with frameless glasses and play up your makeup or buy a full-rim frame to go easy. Frames are also available in different colours like red, yellow, green, blue, purple and orange. 

“One should carefully select the frame to suit one’s face. Gone are the days when people bought nerdy frames. Now, people like going for bright colours and the cat frames look awesome. They have an edge,” says Sampurna, a student. 

Sometimes, the temples of the frames have floral, leopard and arty prints. Some also have beads stuck on them. Different shapes like square, rectangular, round and oval are also there. 

Stylish eye glasses can be worn for any occasion. “I detested wearing glasses when I was first told to. But now, looking at the variety of frames in the market, I just love wearing them,” says Raksha Jain, who was started wearing glasses when she was 13. 

Earlier, glasses used to be very expensive but now, they are styles that fit any budget. Buying them online can also save one money. There are even websites out there that cater to people who want to wear the latest styles just for fashion. So if you want add an edge to your style, glasses are the way to go!