'I take each day as it comes'

'I take each day as it comes'

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'I take each day as it comes'

Bollywood actress Mugdha Godse, known for her role in ‘Fashion’ alongside Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut, was in the City recently for the Bangalore Fashion Week. She was seen walking the ramp for noted designer, Aslam Khan, who she is friends with.

She got to wear a unique outfit – while all of Aslam’s collection was Western formals, she wore an off-white skirt and corset with gold embroidery. The actress commented saying that it is Western yet traditional, which she likes since she usually sticks to traditional clothes.

Sporting bright red lipstick, she looked stunning on and off the stage. “You should try all the shades of red and decide which one you want for your lips. I like to wear dark colour lip shades, be it red or orange. I like it and think it is in. You can just put a little makeup and lipstick, and you are good to go,” she said. The actress has a few projects lined up. She said she will be seen in ‘Bezubaan Ishq’ and ‘Ishq ne Crazy Kiya re’. “Both my new movies are love stories. There will be a lot of melodramatic scenes. You will see me doing a love story.”

How does she go about picking her scripts and what are her expectations of the film industry? “I read the script and see what I bring to the table and that’s how I decide for a movie. So far, Bollywood has been honest and practical with me. It has been like the good, the bad or the ugly - you have some good days, and some other days are bad but that is life. So I take each day as it comes and go on with it. I am happy. You don’t keep your expectations high, whatever it is, be it movies or even life so that way, whatever you get is a bonus,” she said.  

Mugdha considers her own experiences as her inspiration. “I have learnt a lot and that acts as my inspiration. My personal life’s teaching is bigger than anybody else.”

 Her advice to her fellow upcoming actors is, “Everybody doing their work should continue doing that. And those who are not shouldn’t give up because you don’t know which Friday will be yours.” She said she has had two successful Fridays and is waiting for her next. She enjoys coming to Bangalore. “I keep going to Mysore and Bangalore is en route so I visit quite often. I like it here,” she said.