Conmen glib talk women into parting with gold jewellery

Conmen glib talk women into parting with gold jewellery

They are back. Con artists, claiming to be policemen and glib talking unsuspecting persons into giving them their gold jewellery for safe keeping, cheated at least two women in different localities on Tuesday, police said.

In Girinagar, a 65-year-old woman, Rajani, was duped while she was going to a laundry. Two strangers approached her, introduced themselves as policemen and advised her that she remove her gold chain and keep it in a paper package, saying “chain snatchers are on the prowl” in the neighbourhood.

But Rajani did not heed their advice and walked off. Moments later, she saw the two men approach a man, who quickly took their advice, removed his chain and gave it to them. The “policemen” wra­p­p­ed it in a paper package and handed it back to him.

Seeing this, Rajani assumed that they were real policemen and gave them her 25-gm chain. They wrapped it in a piece of cloth and gave it to her and asked her to take it out only after she returns home.

But when she went home and opened it, she was shocked to find the chain missing and instead stones staring her in the face. In a similar incident, Angeline Pinto, 58, from 4th ‘D’ Block, Jayanagar, was cheated of her gold valuables weighing around 50 grams.

She was strolling in a nearby park when two unidentified men, claiming to be policemen, approached her and said that miscreants were roaming around the area, robbing lonely woman. They asked her to take away her ornaments and keep them in a paper package.

She readily obliged and the duo helped her keep the jewellery in a paper package before handing it back to her. But they asked her to unwrap the package only after reaching home. However, when Pinto went home and opened the package, she found only stones and waste paper instead of her gold ornaments. She realised that she had been cheated and approached the police.

A police officer said that a single gang was suspected to be involved in both the incidents which appeared similar. Police have registered both the cases and are trying to procure the CCTV footage, if available. They are tracing the suspects based on their description by the victims, the officer added.