'I am more into composing'

'I am more into composing'

'I am more into composing'

One might remember her as the cute singer from Aasma, the band that won the second season of Channel V’s ‘Popstars’. But Vasuda Sharma has come a long way since then.

Carving a niche for herself in the world of independent music and creating waves on the social media with her powerful renditions, Vasuda is slowly emerging as what one can term as a ‘Youtube hero’. Web users have loved her rendition of Humma Humma in which she used electrical appliances for percussion and now, she has once again collaborated with ‘Culture Machine’ for a more serious track titled Maula.  

“Maula hits a different note altogether. It’s part of a fusion album that features 30 musicians from around the world,” she tells Metrolife. The song, that is all about letting go, is inspired from Saint Kabir’s poetry, she informs. “Kabir’s dohas are extremely meaningful and provoke introspection. We all live in an imaginary, materialistic world. But the truth is we all come and go alone. So if we accept this, we will be happier,” she adds. “We all need to look at who means the most to us,” she says.

The song combines Arabic and Indian elements and has been getting a great response online. “The reaction has been phenomenal. In fact, my music teacher called and told me that I was making videos that no one would think of in this day and age of glamour,” she says. All praises for social media, she says, “Its reach is so wide. It’s one of the best ways to put your work across.” 

Ask her if she is in touch with her bandmates from Aasma and she says, “Yes, we hang out and find time for each other. We meet every year on our band’s anniversary.” But the chances of them coming together may not be that high for now, she notes.

“We are all independent musicians who have grown musically. Our sensibilities are different and we need to strike the right chord to make music together. ‘Popstars’ was something manufactured but it provided us a great platform,” she says. “Today, everyone is happy doing different things. Music is a very organic process. We may come together but we don’t know when.” 

While her fellow bandmate Neeti Mohan has emerged as a leading playback singer in Bollywood, Vasuda likes to make music as much as she likes to sing. “I am more into composing. I am currently composing the background score for a Parsi film. It has Iranian and Western classical influences.

But of course if I get the chance to sing for a composer like AR Rahman or Amit Trivedi, I would
definitely consider it,” she sums up.