City police gets jadu ki jhappi, appreciation from bikers!

City police gets jadu ki jhappi, appreciation from bikers!

Notorious stunt bikers giving trouble to City’s policemen is something that we have been hearing and witnessing for long.

Owing to their stunt-biking antics on the City’s roads, the last few years have seen a surge in cases where both bikers and policemen suffered severe injuries while attempting to curb the menace. But how many times have one seen a biker hugging a policeman or thanking the man in uniform for his diligence, instead of racing away? Interestingly, the biker fraternity recently did the impossible and pleasantly surprised Delhizens.

In a one-of-its-kind ride initiated by Bikers for Good, a motorcycle community that rides solely for social causes, brought together more than 15 biking clubs from Delhi to send out a message of appreciation and respect for the Delhi Police.

The event saw hundreds of bikers riding to Jantar Mantar on bikes ranging from 100cc to 1000cc and above to  give a message of responsibility towards safe driving, safer roads and respect for fellow road users.

They thanked the Delhi Police and Delhi Traffic Police for their efforts, by putting a huge banner where bikers wrote their messages. The banner was later presented to Ajay Kumar Singh, SHO, Parliament Street. The bikers went a step further and pleasantly surprised all present by hugging the Delhi Police personnel and carrying placards that read ‘Free Hugs for Delhi Police’.

Commenting on the idea behind the ride, Mohit Ahuja, founder of Bikers for Good said, “The public is there to protest and criticise the police when they fail to do something. We planned this ride to thank them for taking care of the city, through thick and thin.”

Jeet Kandhari, the administrator of the community said, “Biking today is growing. Motorcycle clubs have members who are students, doctors, CEOs and even top honchos. Doing something like this
will only help us better relations between bikers and the police.”

Harsh Sharma, a biking enthusiast, who was present at the event says, “The police-population ratio in Delhi (as of January 2013) is 391 per 100,000 people. They guard the roads at midnight while we sleep in our homes. They face the allegations for not managing the traffic properly on the Capital’s roads where every other day a VIP movement takes place. Therefore, instead of racing away, we bikers support and thank them for their work.”