Indulge in vegan delights

Indulge in vegan delights

Indulge in vegan delights

Oxford Dictionary defines a ‘vegan’ as ‘someone who does not indulge in any use of animal products, either in diet, clothing or anywhere else’.

An increasing number of health-conscious Indians are turning to veganism these days and the numbers are expected to go up. In order to cater to these people, ‘Carrots’ has opened up in Koramangala.

“We are the first 100 percent vegan restaurant in Bangalore with a focus on promoting healthy eating and sustainable living. Our vision and guiding principle is ‘for better health, for better tomorrow’” says Krishna Shastry, the owner of ‘Carrots’.

He adds, “Being a creative conscious vegan is our constant mantra. We are earthy yet sophisticated, we provide a delicious and healthy fusion by drawing on simple traditions of cuisines from all over the globe.”

They represents vegan in every form. As you enter, seats made from bamboo, neatly arranged, look quaint in the surrounding. There is formal dining area and a lounge which has a party atmosphere.
‘Carrots’ ensures that everyday and every meal is a special one for its customers. They have weekdays and weekends meals, and  special gourmet dinners.

A variety of hot soups like almond broccoli, carrot coconut, spinach chickpea and roasted tomato soup are on the menu. Salads like ‘Thai peanut salad’, ‘frugie’, ‘Mr. Bean’, ‘tabbouleh’ and more are some of their specials.

They offer whole wheat pastas like ‘fettuccine in Bechamel sauce’, which includes gourmet house-made fettuccine, yellow bell peppers, mushroom and olives in a creamy cashew sauce, garnished with fresh red bell peppers and spring onion, and ‘Aioli Aioli’ pasta. One can also design a nine-inch pizza, where they can choose the sauces and toppings, which include sweet corn, green bell peppers, fresh basil and so on.

They also offer Indian delicacies like ‘malai kofta’, ‘palak tofu’, ‘multi grain chapathi’ and more.
For more details, call 41172812.