Growing voice of youth

Growing voice of youth

Social media platforms have become a simmering cauldron of power for the youth. But sometimes, this ‘voice’ grows so loud and obnoxious that a simple status message on Facebook can cause a person to burst into tears or even land one in prison. 

So does having a Facebook account mean one can write as they please or is censorship advisable? Metrolife spoke to the youth of the City who had a lot to say.

No limits

Siddiq, a student of T John Institute of Technology, says, “People can be very hurtful sometimes on social media. Once, someone hacked into my Facebook account and posted a status about my relationship with someone, which ruined the bond I had with the person. I don’t understand why people do such things but it’s not nice. Even reviews sometimes cross the limit. I don’t like it when people insult my favourite actor.”

Staying away 

Mohammed Dilshad, a student of Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, says, “There are some people who write bad things about my favourite actors on Facebook and that makes me angry. I don’t believe in indulging in such rumour-mongering and I don’t associate with such people either. However, when it comes to matters like corruption and rape, it is alright to post negative things about people.”

Inbox me 

Disha P Kapasi, a student of St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science, says, “If anyone wants to make a personal comment, they should send a personalised message to the concerned person. We have a lot of connections on social media so we should consider what we write about anyone or anything. I have seen people writing about their relationships and more, but I think they do it just to get attention from the crowd. ”  

Bright side

Marvin D Steaphens, a student of St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science, says, “Negative reviews  help companies improve their products. We never see people put up positive reviews about a product, so anyone with a Facebook page can learn from the negative feedback. If they want, the admin can delete the negative comment after reading it. But making things personal is not advised - doing things out of frustration never is.”

Close circle

Mujeeb Rahman, a student of Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, says, “I accept the requests of only the ones I know — people who are my good friends and are from my college. This way, I don’t have strangers posting rubbish on my wall. If anyone writes anything like that, I will immediately block them because I don’t want to create problems. I’m straightforward that way. I look for good messages and comment on those.”

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