Truly honourable indeed

Truly honourable indeed

Truly honourable indeed

PROUD: Akshay Kumar at the event.

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay began its amazing Canadian journey. Fifteen well-known world citizens are adding global intrigue and excitement to the longest domestic torch relay in Olympic history by participating as Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torchbearers.
Among those 15 Akshay Kumar — the Indian Ambassador for the 2010 Olympic Games and the only star representing the Global Entertainment Industry relayed the Olympic Torch on December 17. He was allotted the province of Ontario, Toronto.

The Torch Relay International Media Program is a unique part of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s Olympic Games Tourism Strategy. Through this programme, well-known international sports and entertainment personalities participate as torchbearers in the Olympic Torch Relay in locations across Canada.

Coverage of the torchbearers’ running goes beyond the story of the relay and gives a sense of the unique places and people international travellers might encounter while visiting the various regions of Canada. Akshay Kumar prepared to ride to the top of the CN Tower, in Toronto, Canada. It all started with Akshay standing on the CN Tower’s glass floor — 342 meters above Toronto.

We remember how an exception was made for the first time when Steven Harper, the Canadian sitting head of state presented Bollywood’s box office King the Olympic Torch in his country of residence.

Reveals a source present, “Akshay Kumar has a huge fan base here in Canada. There was absolute chaos when he ran with the Olympic Torch. At the press conference held in Canada, Akshay and his good friend Ajay Virmani spoke to the media and Akshay shared his excitement about running in Canada.”

Renowned for his zeal for martial arts, adrenaline sports and stunts, Akshay is also one of the World Ambassadors for the Special Olympics, alongside other international stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Colin Farell.