E-catering goes on trial on 6 Amritsar trains

E-catering goes on trial on 6 Amritsar trains

E-catering goes on trial on 6 Amritsar trains

Starting Thursday, passengers on six Amritsar-bound long distance trains can order their favourite meal through SMS and phonecalls, which would be served to them at specified stations. 

The on-demand catering service has been offered on trial basis in Katihar-Amritsar Express, Amritsar-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express, Shane Punjab, Delhi-Pathankot, New Delhi-Amritsar and Shaheed.

On placing the order by phone or by SMS, passengers can expect the IRCTC to serve their meal en route at their seat at designated stations. The service will be formally launched depending on the trial’s success. 

The trains where the service is introduced are without pantry cars. Only five stations --New Delhi, Delhi, Nizamuddin, Amritsar and Ludhiana—are designated to serve the meals at the trial stage. 

Passengers can order breakfast and meals  both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, which would be served from the IRCTC Food Plaza or Catering Units at the designated stations. Passengers have to call or send text message to the designated e-catering service phones mentioning their PNR numbers. Only those with confirmed PNR numbers can avail the service. 

Calls can be made to 1800 1034 139 (Toll free) or 0120 4383892-99 (8 lines) to book a meal. While making the call, passengers should give their PNR number first for verification. Similarly, those willing to avail the service can send a text message to 139 with the PNR number to book a meal. 

The format of the SMS will be: MEAL (SPACE) (PNR)

“Once the SMS is received the PNR number will be verified (about its confirmation status, train no., coach no., seat no.) and the passenger will be contacted with the details of menu available along with the price. it will then be taken as per preference and availability,” the railway ministry said.