Timing will be essence of my return: Mush

Timing will be essence of my return: Mush

“One thing is for sure that I will return to Pakistan. The timing, however, is of the essence. It is mainly dependent on the domestic environment. I have to see whether people vastly want me to return and also whether I can deliver,” he said.

On speculation that he would launch a political party on his return, the former president did not give a clear answer but said to generate direct public support he would have to “try something original”.

Pragmatic approach

Answering questions posed to him by his fans on his page on the social networking website ‘Facebook’, Musharraf wrote: “As far as forming a new party or getting into an alliance is concerned, one has to be pragmatic”.

“Existing politicians have their importance and a definite role to play. I have to generate direct public support to try something original. I do believe in a military maxim: ‘Never reinforce failure’”.

Musharraf said he had to work through the political and democratic process and that only grassroots support could enable him to carry out a programme and policy based on his vision for the future.

“So if this question is coming from someone who desires that this happen, it is really up to you to begin engaging. The youth, who have been voicing this question and are the future custodians of Pakistan, have to get activated,” Musharraf wrote.