Modi promises to transform 'scam Haryana to skill Haryana'

Modi promises to transform 'scam Haryana to skill Haryana'

Modi promises to transform 'scam Haryana to skill Haryana'

Promising to transform "scam Haryana to skill Haryana", Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked the people of the state to elect a BJP government with clear majority, saying he wants to strengthen the state's ties with Delhi to transform its fortunes.

"I know that you are sad that Haryana is know as a state of scams. There are scams and then scams within scams. Our opponents are all involved in scams. Do you want a scam Haryana? I want to create a skill Haryana. You have to decided if you want a scam Haryana or a skill Haryana," he said addressing a rally here today.

Asking people to elect a BJP government that could lead the state on the path of speedy development, Modi lamented that in the last 25 years Haryana has not developed due to dynastic politics and questioned if the past elections or governments were run democratically.

"If dynastic politics continues, would your fortunes change? If Haryana has to live with dignity, we need it to be freed from dynastic politics. For the last 25 years, four-five families have controlled Haryana and the common man's life has become difficult.

"You have to decide whether you want a Haryana free from corruption. Do you want to see Haryana freed from bahubalis (musclemen) and the corrupt? Then you will have to choose a new path. The only way left now is to elect a BJP government with full majority," Modi said.

Stressing on the importance of Centre-State ties and 'Team India where the PM stood as a team with CMs, the Prime Minister said till now the Centre and the state stood next to each other but were not close enough and he wanted the two to stand with each other to create a force to reckon with.

"Till now, 1 plus 1 was two as the state stood next to the Centre. I want to change this mathematics so that 1 plus 1 becomes 11. I want to create that strength. This will help India become 11 times powerful and it would not take any time to change the fortunes of the country.

Taking a dig at the opposition, Modi said, "Those who are born in the Prime Minister's house, Ministers or Chief Minister's house are answerable to bigwigs, but I am answerable to you as I am one from among you."

He said he learnt politics in the state and hence wanted to be given a change to pay back his debt and serve Haryana.

Noting that the state was known for its brave soldiers and farmers who protected the nation at the borders and filled the stomachs of countrymen, Modi said he could not allow Haryana to be destroyed.

The Prime Minister said he wanted to utilise the strength of farming and industry in Haryana to change its future, for which he sought the help of the people to serve the state in an effective manner with a BJP government both in the state and the Centre.

He said he also wished to promote tourism in a big way in the state as Kurukshetra had big potential for it.

Modi also chided the Congress for its silence after his remarks about celebrating the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, the country's first prime minister.
"We must go beyond partisan politics in running the country," he said.

On the response that he received outside the country, he said, "It is not because of Modi, it is because of the 125 crore people standing behind me."

Hitting out at previous regimes in the state, Modi said they "divided" the state and "looted" the masses.

"They even charged for transferring officials from one district to another. They made police toe their line to serve their vested interests," he charged.

Speaking on the problem of unemployment, Modi said, "Initially there was no migration from Haryana but due to unemployment in the state even migration has started and youth of the state are jobless."

Raising the issue of water shortage, the Prime Minister said south Haryana is devoid of water since its inception and if the BJP government comes to power in Haryana, it will ensure that water is provided for irrigation and drinking purposes.

During his speech, Modi also paid respects to religious leader Baba Jai Ramdas.
Union ministers of state V K Singh and Rao Inderjit Singh were present on the occasion.

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