NCP's corruption will surge if again voted to power: Modi

NCP's corruption will surge if again voted to power: Modi

NCP's corruption will surge if again voted to power: Modi

Making a scathing attack on NCP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that if the Sharad Pawar-led party is voted to power again, it will further increase its "corrupt activities."

"NCP is naturally corrupt. Since the time the party was born nothing has changed, their leaders have remained the same. Do you know what their clock (party symbol) means? The clock shows 10 minutes to 10 which means in 10 years they have increased their corrupt activities 10 times," he said.

Addressing a poll rally at Pandharpur town in Maharashtra's Solapur district, he said, "If they (NCP) are voted to power once again, they will now increase their corruption 15 times."

Modi also did not spare the Congress, saying he is keeping a watchful eye on the country's coffers sitting at the Centre, and won't let any "panja" (Congress' party symbol 'hand') touch the treasury.

The year 2014 marks the end of Congress and NCP era in the state, he said.
Charging that the Congress and the NCP together "destroyed" the state during their rule, the Prime Minister urged the people to "wipe" out both parties from state politics.

"They have destroyed Maharashtra during their rule and emptied whatever money the state had. There is still time left. Wipe them out from state politics, and I assure you I will leave no stone unturned in helping you realise your dreams," Modi said.

"Tomorrow is the final day of campaigning. And this year marks the end of Congress and their allies. They think they are so powerful that they can keep people in their pockets and dream of being voted to power again and again. But they should know when the mood of public changes, no one will be spared," Modi said.

He said though thousands of farmers have been committing suicide in the state every year, the then ruling party did not once blink and shared their (farmers') woes, he said.

"Every year 3,700 farmers commit suicide in this state. But they (the former Congress-NCP government) did not even have a tear in their eye. Did the farmers demand a bungalow, car, tractor, scooter or a cycle? They only wanted water, which you could not give them," Modi said.

Listing out an elaborate plan to prevent farmers' suicides, he said, "There are some rivers that overflow each year and some that remain dry. It is my dream to connect all these rives so that water can be diverted to rivers that do not get sufficient water. This way my farmer will get all the water that he requires."

The BJP is eager to start big ticket projects in the state, which would help generate employment, he said.

"Wherever there are three sons in a family, two are sent to cities to earn their livelihood. If there are no industries, how will our youth earn their living? I want to start infrastructure projects here and develop industries so that youth can earn a comfortable living," he said.

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