Man 'confesses' to murder of medical store owner

Man 'confesses' to murder of medical store owner

The murder of a medical store owner, on Commercial Street, ten months ago, has been cracked with the arrest of a footwear shop owner in a murder case in KG Halli police station limits and his subsequent interrogation.

Syed Rizwan, 32, resident of Benson Town, confessed to the murder of Nasreen Sultana, 38, a beautician, and the murder of Kumar Velu, owner of Bharani Medicals for gain, police said.

The KG Halli police arrested him on October 8.

A drug addict, the investigating team suspected his involvement in other crimes and interrogated him, which led to the cracking of the murder case. Kumar Velu and Rizwan operated in Commercial Street on the same lane.

He would regularly visit Velu's store to buy sleeping pills, who would charge him more for them.

During one such visit, he spotted Velu wearing golden ornaments, and piqued that Velu had chided him in front of customers, when questioned about overcharging, hatched a conspiracy to murder him and rob his valuables, police said.

He went to Velu’s store on the night of January 24, 2014 and picked a quarrel attacking him with an  iron rod, collected his cash, golden jewellery, cellphone and fled.

He pledged the stolen properties and led a lavish life, police said. Since he had not left any clues, the biggest challenge was how to solve the case, police said.