Neem trees to keep birds away from Air Force base

Neem trees to keep birds away from Air Force base

In an effort to ward off bird hits, Yelahanka Air Force station, with the help of Bangalore Development Authority, has planted 9,500 saplings, of which 8,000 are neem trees, in and around the base.

According to BDA and Air Force officials, this is in preparation for the international bi-annual Aero-India show in February, 2015.

With flowering and fruit bearing trees attracting birds, Air Force personnel had tough time shooing them away.

This problem also drew the attention of the State forest department and Union Ministry of Environment and Forests.

BDA Assistant Conservator of Forests, B Jairam said,  in order to reduce high incidence of bird hit cases, we suggested Neem.

Of the 9,500 trees planted, 8,000 were Neem. They were planted on June 23, 2014 and are growing well.

The remaining are Western Ghats species.

The advantage of Neem is it an anti-bird tree. Birds do not nest on them. It is also a good source of timber with high auction value. They help maintain micro climate in the area. Besides, they have medicinal properties.

Likewise, 8,000 saplings, mostly Neem, have also been planted at Jalahalli Air Force station.

BDA undertook afforestation drive in other parts of Bangalore North, including Hebbal flyover, around Yelahanka Air Force Station, around Jakkur Lake, Ullal Park and surrounding areas. Some of the species planted include Pongamia pinnatta (Honge), Mango, Jammun, Jackfruit, Kadam and Mahua.