High on passion

High on passion

'bengaluru marathon'

High on passion

The line of joggers paced themselves for the run that lay ahead of them. It was nothing but determination to cross the finish line that got them to lift their leaden feet and ignore the rasp in their breath. 

As they neared Kanteerava Stadium, the cheers grew louder — ‘come on, you can do it’ — and encouraging placards were waved — ‘run like there’s a hot gal/guy in front of you and a creepy stalker behind you’. 

The participants of the ‘Bengaluru Marathon’ looked exhausted but overwhelmed at having completed the long journey that took them through the streets of the City in the early hours of morning. Passionate runners took to the streets for a 42 km-run, which took them through Ulsoor, Indiranagar, Old Airport Road, Koramangala, Wilson Garden and back to Kanteerava Stadium. There was also a half-marathon that started at 6.30 am and was for 21 kms. 

Ashish, who has been running for the past five years, said that he likes the feel of running, especially in a City like Bangalore where the weather is so pleasant. Paroma, who started running three years ago and is part of the running community, said, “I get a high when I run. I don’t need drugs or alcohol; it sets you free. And you get to meet new people from all walks of life.” She added, “Bangalore should be made the running capital because of the weather.”    

There has been an increase in the number of runners in the recent years and they all say the same thing — that this is the best way to get exercise in the City. Sunil said he turned to running because of the sedentary lifestyle that comes along with a life in the city. Rahul Agarwal, who is a part of Honey Runners Club, said he was 83 kgs a year and a half ago. “This year alone, I have run ten marathons and it feels great.

 Although I’m exhausted, what I feel after I’ve finish is even better and I keep fit.” He added that this is a better alternative to going to a gym. His roommate Saurav completed his first marathon in the 21 kms run. He said, “I would always see these movies where they run but I would never be inspired. But once Rahul lost all that weight, I decided to take up running as well.” 

Alok said, “I like running because it makes you healthy and the weather is unbeatable here. Although the traffic management could have been better, it was a great run.

 Bangalore still doesn’t have that running culture in it but it is getting there.” Rohit added, “I’m really proud of myself because I have gone from running half a kilometre to half a marathon in one and a half years. It is all about determination and realising your capabilities.” Most of the runners had been preparing for almost six months.  
  Some runners also braved the tarred roads to run barefeet. With almost 10,000 runners spread across the City, the marathon was a huge success.