Going the green way!

Going the green way!

Eco-Friendly Deepavali

Going the green way!

It is that time of the year when a thick blanket of noxious smoke hangs over the City like a nasty flu. As houses stockpile on crackers, gifts and diyas, this week promises to be a bio-hazardous one for everyone around. But even amidst the festivities, many people are doing their best to look out for the environment.

 It has become a trend to use eco-friendly diyas and lights. Many people have taken to buying their diyas directly from potters and are painting it using eco-friendly colours, while others use only oil to burn the lamps. Vasantha Manjunatha makes and sells battery operated LED candles. She says, “The reason for making these is for reusability. Whatever profit I get, I donate it to charity or for educational purposes of the needy. It gives me immense happiness to donate rather than burst crackers.”

The online space is being filled with incoming and outgoing orders for eco-friendly merchandise this festive season. Items like gel-based diyas and rangoli made from eco-friendly colours are in demand. ‘eCoexist’ has come up with a range of lights for Deepavali which are made from disposed egg crates. Manisha Gutman, a member of the group, says, “This is something we have been wanting to do for a few years now. We chose egg cartons because we have enough supply all the time. And we make sure it doesn’t get mixed up with the other garbage.” Along with the lights, ‘eCoexist’ also has a thorana made from Khan fabric and bags made from recycled material that can be used for gifting.

It is not just the lights that have gone green, but the crackers too. In a move to control the air and sound pollution, eco-friendly crackers were introduced and they ever since, they have become increasingly popular. Sold in grounds all over the City and country, they are made from recycled paper and the sound they produce is under the decibel limit defined by the Pollution Control Board. 

Some people have even substituted crackers with something else. “We did not want to tell people not to burst crackers or to not celebrate the most beautiful festival of India. So we came up with the idea to celebrate the ‘Festival of Lights’ with lights! After looking at many possibilities, we decided on something new and interesting for the children and adults. We decided to have a ‘Green Diwali’ by flying a 1,000 lanterns with friends and family,” says Vijay Kumar. The event will take place in HSR Layout between 4 pm to 8 pm on October 22.

Others believe that staying away from the festivities is the best way to be eco-friendly. Shreanca Bhattacharjee will be spending her Deepavali performing in ‘Urban Solace’. She says, “I have always hated bursting crackers because they lead to noise pollution and also scare the strays and pets at home, and I love my dog. The performance just happened to fall on the day of Diwali, which couldn’t get more perfect. Hopefully, by singing I will keep some away from bursting crackers.” Sowmya Reddy says she hasn’t burst crackers since 2000 and doesn’t plan to. “I have no plans this year. I will meet my friends and family; I'm not really big on the festivities,” she wraps up.