A rackling Diwali

A rackling Diwali

With big releases lined up, Bollywood actors are all excited

A rackling Diwali

Sonali Bendre

“This year, ‘Diwali’ is different for me as I have too many responsibilities on the work and family front. Like every year, we will be celebrating ‘Diwali’ with our close ones. We will also be buying gifts and sweets but not crackers. I usually prefer staying away from crackers and celebrate a safe Diwali.” 

Sonu Sood 

“This ‘Diwali’ is special because ‘Happy New Year’ is hitting the screens. It’s a big release for me. I am looking forward to spending ‘Diwali’ with my family in Mumbai with lots of crackers and some of my favou­rite sweets. I grew up in Punjab and ‘Diwali’ was most eventful during my childhood when we would all cook together. Each one would make one dish. My cousins and I’d burst many crackers and still never get tired of it.” 

Rahul Khanna 

“It’s a working ‘Diwali’ for me, I am in New York City filming the new season of the TV show, ‘The Americans’, and looking forward to the release of my new film, ‘Fireflies’. Coincidentally, my dad happens to be travelling through New York, this week, so if I finish my shoot early, I might get to have ‘Diwali’ dinner with him. I urge everyone back home in India to say no to noise, pollution and child labour and celebrate a cracker-free Diwali. Happy New Year!”