From a drab space to a green corner

From a drab space to a green corner


From a drab space to a green corner

Converting an ordinary space into a terrace garden or a cramped area into a kitchen garden is no longer a dream.

 ‘Green Thumbs Boutique’ helps people relax amidst nature by transforming drab spaces into green corners by providing the right kind of advice and adequate materials. With the help of this venture, one can turn any space into an extravagant floral garden or a simple organic one. Gravel, herb and balcony garden are the other options one can choose from. 

The process includes Ranjit and Minette, the founders of ‘Green Thumbs’, visiting the customer’s place, identifying and taking pictures of the space which needs to be converted and sending their customer a graphic representation of the space once the work is done. Quitting their cushioned, corporate jobs and converting even the smallest of space to a surmount of beauty, Ranjit and Minette, feel that, this is the best decision of their lives.

For them, the hobby has now become a business. Minette says, “Being avid nature-lovers, my husband and I used to spend hours during the weekend gardening, growing bonsai plants and planting new flower beds. We also used to gift plants to our family and friends on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and transformed a couple of balconies into gardens. Soon, the word spread and customers began to contact us and that’s how the ‘Green Thumbs Boutique’ was set up. Our priorities are quality and affordability.” 

Minette adds that they constantly update their Facebook page so that people have a variety of choice. “If customers don’t find what they are looking for on our page, we source the plants from our suppliers in different parts of the country. We give advice regarding the maintenance of plants and also keep the plant with us until it is in full form. Plus our products are home-delivered,” she informs.

While landscaping a garden right from scratch takes about three days, Minette says that setting up a balcony garden takes only a couple of hours. “Currently, our highlight is our balcony basket with a well-designed drainage system,” she proudly adds. 

The duo participate in many local fairs and garden markets and their costs vary depending upon the set-up, design elements, the area and the pots and plants.