Grand art

» brings you beautiful sculptures and artistic decor products inspired from Europe. Take a deep plunge back in time with the extensive range of these marvelous Greek bust sculptures and change the very essence of any room to the period of Renaissance. 

The beautiful treasures of time and history will bring grandeur to your living space. The magnificent statues and sculptures range from artifacts of Greek gods and goddesses to kings and warriors of the Roman era to works of art from the Egyptian mythology. 

The breathtakingly detailed sculptures and decors are available in both, genuine Italian marble and cast iron. The highly curated selection is a result of an exclusive partnership with Karara Mujassme, the globally renowned brand for aesthetically crafted marble stone artifacts, cast metal masterpieces and gazebos.

 So, here’s your chance to curate your collection of museum sculptures with marble busts modeled on original antiquities from various eras!

Eclectic look

»Fratelli Boffi - an Italian manufacturing company that produces a wide range of furniture, consists of chairs, armchairs, tables, console tables, beds and wardrobes - has introduced its latest collection in India, exclusively promoted by Wisma Atria International.

Boffi furniture represents a particular, eclectic look. It is a fusion of traditional and modern concepts. The Boffi collection happily bridges the gap between ethnic and minimalist.
 Good furniture is not just about the function, it’s about the form as well. In this collection, the aesthetic appeal of the company’s products and ambitious workmanship continue to arouse curiosity and astonish customers. 

The company’s designs combine harmonious, reassuring decorative styles and shapes from the past with captivating, visionary contemporary touches, creating a refined and intriguing setting that reveals and highlights these differences.

Travel perfect 

»There is nothing more exciting than planning a romantic getaway.

All you need is your perfect someone, a perfect destination and the perfect travel gear. If you have the first two sorted, your search for the third ends here with the Nimbus Collection, the perfect travel gear for ‘him’ and ‘her’ from the house of American Tourister!

Apart from its stylish exteriors, the Nimbus collection boasts of lightweight construction, front U pocket plus one hidden pocket, heat-embossed lining with organised interiors, fixed combi-lock for added security, expander for enhanced volume, among a host of other features.

No matter where you spend your holiday, with the large compartment space available, you can pack enough clothes and shoes to help you and your partner look amazing throughout the trip and bring back souvenirs for all. For your emergency stuff, there’s a stylish handbag for the ladies and a cool backpack for the men. Get ready to pack your bags.