Translating dreams into drawings

Translating dreams into drawings

Pencil Sketching

Translating dreams into drawings

Working only with shades of black like pencil, felt-tip black pens and pin-point markers, Azam Pasha set out to venture into the world of art after taking classes in JAVA and C++.

 A second-year student of Computer Applications from CMR Institute of Management Studies, he developed a passion for free-hand pencil sketching and landscape painting after his schooling.

 Soon after his tenth, he joined a fine arts course and sharpened his skills by studying about seven arts courses such as shading, pencil sketching and painting and then realised that he wanted to take his talent further on.  

His drawings include a host of Anime characters from popular shows like ‘Death Note’, ‘Bleach’ and ‘Naruto’, capturing the wildlife, doodles, caricatures and cartoon characters. “Though my paintings include my imaginations, my pencil sketches are mainly from inspirations, surroundings and other sketch books.

 I decided to work only with pencils and markers because it was unique and challenging. I wanted to try something new,” he says. Of all his drawings, his favourites include one of a joker and one where here a pigeon is flying out from a bomb, which is called ‘Peace’. 

Azam believes that small steps will take him to greater heights as he has begun to sell his work to his relatives, neighbours and friends. He has also sold three landscape portraits which he has sold in an art fair at Venkatappa Art Gallery. His work was also recognised at Gopalan Engineering College, where he came second and St Joseph’s Composite PU College, where he came third at the fest.  

 He considers his main inspiration as his father, who is an interior designer, and adds that when he isn’t busy trying to develop programmes or filling lab records, he sharpens his skill by helping his father at work.  

Pressed for time, he makes sure that he religiously draws every Sunday and Saturday and at least twice a week so that his affinity with art doesn’t fade. Azam says that he wants to develop his talent by finishing a course in architecture and later taking up art full time.

  He feels that while ‘doodle art’ is becoming popular, visual arts isn’t gaining enough recognition as it should due to lack of sponsors, art events, craft activities and different kinds of exhibitions which make it difficult for students to exhibit their talent. “There are different kinds of competitions for other arts like music and dance but nobody takes fine art seriously. Even if they are present, the competitions aren’t recognised or announced.

 And there are just five or six members which amounts to no competition at all. There should be development in the field of arts for its improvement.” He says that art aspirants should be focussed even if they are pursuing it just as a hobby. “My tip for the young is to dream paintings and paint their dreams. My dream painting is one of a sunset which is currently with my drawing teacher,” he says, proudly. 

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