NITK students turn good Samaritans

NITK students turn good Samaritans

At a time when most of engineering students are busy with their studies owing to regular assignments and projects, some students of National Institute of Technology, Karnataka (NITK) are proving themselves to be good Samaritans by involving themselves in useful social activities.

It was in 2007 that a group of like-minded students in NITK, started a club by name Genesis with a punch line ‘Teach for a better tomorrow’ and helped the students from financially backward families and studying in the nearby government schools, to acquire linguistic skills and subject related topics. 

'Beach School'

On all Saturdays, the members of the group visit the beach nearby not to enjoy their holiday. Instead, they will engage themselves in teaching the underprivileged children from the neighbourhood. 

The Genesis members go out voluntarily to teach children from financially backward families who dwell near Sadashiva Ganapathi Temple near Surathkal beach. As the team Genesis puts it, the endavour is named as “Beach school.”

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Convener of Genesis Gaurav Jain from third year Engineering(Electrical and Electronics), NITK,  said that the club is open to all the NITK students and anyone can drop in during any activity of the club and contribute his/her share. 

Newspaper collection 

Two years ago, Gaurav Jain and his fellow mates came up with an idea to raise funds. With a drive initiated by Genesis members, the newspapers were collected from each hostel blocks of NITK and were sold. The amount was used for the social cause. 

The children in the vicinity, who are financially poor are provided with solar lamps, footwear, school bag and stationary items. The amount was used for buying books for a  mobile library initiated by Genesis, which circulates books among children.

“We celebrated Deepavali with the children. We get around  Rs 7500 -10,000 from the sale of newspapers,”  he said. 

Activities are also organised by Genesis for the specially abled children at Lions School in Suratkal. Various arts and crafts such as doll making, T-shirt painting etc are taught to the special kids. 

 “We organise interactive sessions and activities like story writing, pick and speak for the students of KREC Kannada Medium School to improve their communication skills. We conduct activities on a weekly basis,” he said. At present, there are around 40 active members in Genesis. Gaurav recalls the cooperation of his fellow mates Sumanth Depuri, Almas Parveen Pramod and others who are actively involved.

Future plans

He further said that in future the Genesis has plans to conduct Bharathanatyam classes for students of KREC Kannada medium school on a weekly basis.

Awareness programmes on the disastrous effects of harmful chemicals will also be conducted in the nearby villages. “Also, we would like to initiate a separate fund for the club and contribute a share from our earnings, even after we leave the campus,” he said and added that the Dean (Students' Welfare) Uday Kumar Yaragatti is extending his full support to the team Genesis.