Expressing love for womanhood and nature

Expressing love for womanhood and nature

solo exhibition

For Suddha Sama, art is not just ‘part’ of life, but art is life. It is a state of mind, which fulfils her feeling of creativity. “Art is not just painting but the expression of beauty of my own experiences. When I paint, I am in a state of spirituality,” said Sama, who is showcasing her latest collection of artworks in ‘Searching Soul’, her solo exhibition.

Art has been a driving force for Sama for years and a true reflection of her inner vision. She is more attracted towards the healing effects of art, which she conveys through her brush and colours on canvas.

In this series, Sama employs her mind’s eye and her heart’s generosity to look beyond the obvious and the superficial faces. Her paintings are a result of her own expressions and denote her spiritual growth as well. In ‘Searching Soul’, she has also experimented with charcoal, eschewing colours to show cosmic union, symbolic motifs and nature.

Sama loves to paint rainbows, swans and lotuses, which she feels, depicts happiness and purity. She considers that, “people who come and see my paintings experience a state of happiness and calmness and their souls are filled with positive emotions.”
On the other hand, the women in her portraits seem to be ‘self-sufficient’. “I have captured women in various moods, epitomising self-containment. I also have a few charcoal drawings of women – expressing a sense of freedom and dynamism through their curves and movements along with the male figures – almost like a shadow,”
added Sama.

Sama’s landscapes range from warm earthy colours with a few strokes of orange. Through her paintings, she has also tried to show the snowy mountains, rivers, rocks, sky, shimmering cities and the beauty of nature. Her landscape paintings are a true reflection of the ever-changing moods of nature.

‘Searching Soul’, a solo art exhibition by Suddha Sama is on till November 12 at Lalit Kala Akademi, Copernicus Road from 11 am to 7 pm.