US IT firm asked to compensate techie for illegal sacking

US IT firm asked to compensate techie for illegal sacking

US IT firm asked to compensate techie for illegal sacking

The Karnataka Labour Department has ordered a US-based IT firm to compensate a woman employee on grounds of 'illegally' terminating her services without providing valid reasons and for allegedly causing harassment.

The techie had approached the Labour department on Karnataka Women's Commission's direction, and after hearing the case, the department ordered the company to give Rs 12.5 lakh compensation to her for illegally terminating her from services, a top Labour Department official told PTI.

The company has agreed to pay Rs 10.55 lakh after deducting taxes, but the techie, a native of Delhi who worked at the company's office here, is yet to pick up her cheque in possession of the company, the official said.

"Both the complainant and the company have agreed to withdraw the cases filed in various courts. Once the techie submits court reports on withdrawal of cases, the company will hand over the cheque to her. But for now, she is gone to Delhi and will come back soon to settle the issue," he said.

Under a notification issued by the Karnataka Government early this year, IT companies should inform the Labour Department about suspension, discharge, and termination of employees, among others.

The techie was employed with the company in 2012 and her job was confirmed after serving it as a probationer for three months, the official said.

However, after sometime the techie complained about harassment by a senior and lodged complaints with various company officials without much success, he said.
The company terminated her from service in October, 2013, he added. Not giving up, the techie slapped a legal notice seeking a clarification on the "illegal" termination and asking for the decision to be revoked, the official said.

However, the company stuck to its decision.

The techie ultimately approached the women's commission, and after going through the complaint, it recommended the case to the labour department, the official said.

After hearing both parties, the labour department decided that the techie should be awarded compensation for "unfair treatment" and termination from service, the official said.