People of country restless over RSS's intrusion in govt: CPM

People of country restless over RSS's intrusion in govt: CPM

 CPI(M) Politburo member Brinda Karat today expressed concern over "intrusion" of RSS in all the government institutions and said that people who had voted Narendra Modi to power on development plank are "restless" due to it.

"RSS has access to power, RSS is partner to power in Modi government," Karat said.
"Courtesy Modiji and his party, RSS has not only intruded in all the government institutions but is also increasing its partnership," she said.

Karat was delivering a lecture titled: 'Results of multifarious changes in Indian politics' in memory of Prof Ganga Sharma.

"An organisation (RSS) that did not accept our nation's Constitution, and when BJP came to power, it has got access to power...public has not voted Modiji for it," the CPM leader said.

"People of this country are not happy and are restless because they have voted Modiji on development plank in LS polls...I wonder how RSS leadership will run entire country's system...

"But the development that is visible now is for whom... labourers are attacked (Hamla) are attacked... MNREGA is being weakend...forest rights are being finished... then the development for whom and at what cost... The development is not of Dalits, minorities, women, tribals," she questioned.

"It is clearly visible that development is for Corporate sector, but the people of this country did not vote Modiji for this corporate...

"Your (Modi) definition of development itself is raising serious questions before all these people waiting for their rights," she said.

Commenting on the upcoming Delhi polls, Karat said, "Recent communal tensions in Trilokpuri and Bawana areas are reflection on present politics. The way RSS and its organisations flaring up communal sentiments is very dangerous now."

"Jahar ki kheti par vote lena Janvadi pranali par theek nahin hai (Seeking vote by cultivating poison in society is not a right thing in a democratic system)," she said.
"There is clear involvement of RSS and BJP leaders in Bawana/Triolkpuri the name of cow slaughtering a campaign is being run in Haryana and Delhi and a few areas are put on is their planned way," she said.

"Dharam (religion) has a special place in heart and brain of every citizen...
"But by twisting Dharam, they (BJP/RSS) using it as a weapon to achieve political goals and political rashtra... Aditya Nath's criminalising language, RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat is giving challenges that 'Sab Hindu Hain Jo Hindustan Main Hain'...why Modi is silent on these...why he (Modi) is not putting a tweet on them," she questioned.

"There has to be balance between Astha (belief) and science," Karat said, referring to Modi's remark at a science conference in which he had linked plastic surgery to Lord Ganesha.

Assailing Modi's claims of development on which he was voted by public, Karat said,"It is visible now...from outside it is Modi, from inside it is RSS...from outside it is development, from inside it is devastation....Just one face, one heart, one brain, and one planned aim to neglect secularism and public unity".

Karat further said,"50 per cent of MPs in Parliament are crorepati and they do not want reforms in MNREGA, labourers' right... protection to minority, women, Dalits, and tribals".
There was an urgent need for reforms for Below Poverty Line (BPL) people as wages to urban woman of Rs 32 and Rs 26 to rural woman was "illogical and unjustified" in these times, she said.

"Of course the era of coalition government gone as one major party (Congress) was gone, another party (BJP) took over after decades of mixed government," she said in her fifty five minutes speech.

Elaborating impact of capitalism, Karat ridiculed that a group of industrialists was advocating for Modi's economic policies and hailing the changes in development, was that true chain of changes.

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